Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair has its 25th Anniversary

“Workplaces have changed drastically from the mid-1990s, with a growing focus on collaboration, comfort and adaptability. Standing desks, advancements in technology, and long hours spent infront of the computer lead to changing demands from the furniture that we sit in or use for such extended periods. A good chair is crucial to a good working environment, affecting individual posture and company impressions. They have to be enduring, presentable and comfortable, all at once. The bulky, leather padded chairs that used to be considered comfortable have been replaced by sleek and streamlined seats, heavily in part due to Herman Miller’s Aeron chair.Herman Miller is a 100-plus-year-old, multiple award winning and pioneering interior furniture company, with offices, dealers, licences and customers in over 100 countries. They were known for being creators of ‘modern’ furniture by the middle of the 20th century. They are focused on being at the forefront of office furniture even as they continue to develop the skills and knowledge from over a century in the industry. This is all show-cased in their remastered chair, the Aeron.It was originally created in 1994, with a lightweight silhouette. Surprisingly, it took some persuading for the general attitude towards office chairs to change from solid to streamlined, but it soon became the best-selling office chair, no doubt due to it being perhaps the most comfortable and ergonomic chair ever designed.In fact, it was so revolutionary that it has a permanent position in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!The chair was at the cutting edge of office chairs at its time, and it is determined to stay in that position. Herman Miller’s focus on innovation, comfort and adaptability means that as the chair celebrates its 25th anniversary, they are remastering the masterpiece. (If you want to read more about the strange story of the original chair, you can access it here)The modern age has different demands, even as Herman Miller stay true to the original focuses of health, adaptability, inclusivity and environmental sustainability. The furniture of old may struggle to stay up to date and relevant and needs to take advantage of modernity.There is a growing social awareness of environmental issues, with scientists arguing that we have until 2030 before we hit a tipping point in climate issues. An understanding of the impact on internal office environmental and broader resource suppliers are both necessary. New materials have come into the market, meaning greater flexibility and greater goals can be achieved. This goes hand in hand with new manufacturing techniques and technology that is available to improve current items, meaning a higher expectation and value of furniture. Thankfully, the Aeron has taken all of those into account as it was redesigned from the wheels up, whilst maintaining its elegant shape. The original co-designer helped update the chair with the 20+ years of research and advancements that have come since the original. New features of the chair result in greater comfort, support for both the seat and the back, with an elastomeric suspension seat and backrest with a range of tensions across the build, and a PostureFitSL support for the base of the spine. It has a smooth and balanced recline and enables a massive range of motion for the various activities and postures that someone may need while working, focusing or relaxing. It also has a range of colours and sizes, which is incredibly helpful for the vast number of people who don’t fit into the ‘average’ of human population, ensuring comfort for the largest range of body types in the industry. If the Aeron remastered is the ideal office chair for you, with its new design improving the way you work, then head to their page here.”