Fun ways to celebrate Pancake Day at Work with Remote Teams

“Pancake Day (February 16th) is just around the corner, and after yet another month in lockdown it is definitely a day to look forward to. Whilst you may be used to celebrating with stacks of fresh crepes in the office, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the delights of Pancake Day with remote teams, because after all, Pancake Day isn’t just for families, it’s for colleagues too! So here are just a few ways you can brighten up February lockdown with these Pancake Day activities.

Send some tasty treats
What better way to treat your team than to surprise them with a gift delivered straight to their door? Especially when it contains pancakes! With restaurants still remaining closed, many food businesses have created recipe kits or takeaway deliveries for customers to enjoy at home. So whether it’s a DIY pancake kit or a simple food hamper filled with ready to eat pancakes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are just some of our favourite Pancake Day hampers and kits, ideal for sending to colleagues!

The Little Pancake Company – Gift Box

The Indytute Experiences – Pancakes and Poetry

Borough Box – Classic Pancake Hamper

Host a competition
Unleash your competitive side and host your very own pancake making competition this Pancake Day. Simply book in a video call, whether that be by Teams or Zoom, and encourage contestants to cook and decorate their pancakes in front of an allocated panel of judges. If you want to make it a little more casual, encourage colleagues to send in photos of their pancakes and get teams to vote for their favourite. The best pancake wins a prize!

Do a pancake quiz
Everyone loves a lockdown quiz, so why not host a short pancake themed quiz to kickstart Shrove Tuesday? Gather your best pancake facts and put your colleagues to the test. Here are just some quiz questions to get you started:

Q. How big was the largest ever pancake?
A. 15.01 metres (closest answer wins)

Q. What is the UK’s favourite pancake topping?
A. Lemon and sugar

Q. Where do pancakes originate from?
A. Ancient Greece

Q. How many eggs are used on Pancake Day in the UK?
A. 52 million (closest answer wins)

Create a Pancake Day thread
If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, creating your very own Pancake Day thread is a great way to get teams together virtually. Create a thread on your Slack channel or intranet which is dedicated to Pancake Day, and encourage your colleagues to post photos of their pancake successes (or fails). This can also be a place for people to share their best recipes or tips to those who aren’t as talented in the kitchen.