Famous Stand Up Desk Users

“We’ve known for years that sitting at a desk all day wreaks havoc on our bodies. The modern-day lifestyle, which sees so many people spending eight or more hours a day in front of a computer screen, can have negative effects on not only the back and posture, and can even be bad for your heart. To make matters worse, further research has shown that even regular exercise is not enough to combat the damage that sitting for more than thirty minutes at a time does to our body.
In the past few years, stand up desks have been praised for their positive effects and have become more and more common with office employees. This may lead many to believe that standing desks are a new invention, but in fact, people have been choosing to stand while they work for hundreds of years. We take a look at some of the famous people and great minds who have used stand up desks throughout history.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Da Vinci was arguably one of the greatest minds of all time, was very progressive, and even painted one of the world’s most famous paintings. It is said that Da Vinci often chose to work standing rather than sitting. Many of the Italian Renaissance master’s inventions were planned while he stood at a desk.
Benjamin Franklin
One of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, is also reported to have been partial to working while standing. As a man who was very ahead of his time, even achieving ground-breaking work with electricity, it makes perfect sense that Franklin would understand the benefits of standing while he worked.
Thomas Jefferson
Another founding father of the United States, and the nation’s third president, was also a standing desk user. Jefferson even had a stand up desk custom made for himself, ordering it with exact specifications and with six legs.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The French Emperor was a military mastermind and led the French army to many successful battles during his time. It is also said that Napoleon favoured standing rather than sitting while he worked, planning his battle strategies and deliberating on his next moves.
Richard Wagner
The ground-breaking German composer, Richard Wagner, is best known for writing dramatic and compelling operas. He also enjoyed working while standing, and even had a stand up desk built for himself so that he could work the way he preferred.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Nietzsche was a man who wore many hats. He was a philosopher, poet and scholar, and even composed music. He was also very forward-thinking for his time, choosing to work at a stand up desk and even looking down on those who chose to work whilst seated as he loathed the sedentary lifestyle.
Winston Churchill
One of Great Britain’s most iconic leaders, Churchill was a soldier, politician, a Duke, and was responsible for carrying Britain through World War II as Prime Minister. Churchill was famously known for his long working hours and only sleeping a few hours each night, and he also chose to work standing up as often as possible.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee is responsible for the creation of some of the world’s favourite comic books, bringing us characters like Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men. Today his characters headline box office breaking films, but many people do not know that he created these characters at a stand up desk.
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