Eco-friendly alternatives to your morning rituals

“We all have a long way to go to becoming more sustainable on a daily basis. When making more eco-friendly choices, it can be difficult to make changes to a routine that you have been following for some time. And with the morning rush, it can feel impossible to spare a thought for the environment. However, these are some of the most important changes to make. With just some small tweaks, you can make a real impact on your carbon footprint. Check out our guide to eco-friendly alternatives to your morning routine.

Coffee Cup
Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, investing in a reusable coffee cup can save you money as well as the environment. Many people make a stop on their way to work or pop to a coffee shop during breaks at the office. Without taking your own cup you are often presented with a takeaway cup made from plastic or cardboard. While this may not seem like a lot of plastic at the time, daily or weekly trips can build up quickly.
Purchasing a reusable coffee cup will not cost you a lot of money and discounts that cafes are now offering if you bring your own cup could quickly cover the initial cost. Some reusable cups from environmentally friendly companies are even made from recycled or sustainable materials, which is even better. They are often insulated, meaning hot drinks will stay enjoyable for longer.

Water Bottle
Purchasing your own water bottle has many of the same benefits as a reusable coffee cup. If you are working in an office, this can save countless single-use plastic cups. It can also help out if you are working from home. Not only will you be able to make fewer trips to fill up on water, but a bottle with a lid will also save you any spills on your workspace. Having a large water bottle can also encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated, aiding concentration and keeping you healthier. Furthermore, some environmentally friendly companies create water bottles from recycled or other eco-friendly materials.
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Sustainable bathroom products
Before we are even fully awake we can be more eco-friendly. Many shampoos, conditioners and other soaps have many substances that are harmful to the environment. This is also exacerbated by the plastic bottles that most cleansing products are packaged in. If you can, it’s a great idea to opt for more environmentally friendly companies or more eco-friendly substances. For example, instead of a bottle of body wash, there are plenty of soap bars that are organic and use no plastic whatsoever.

Packed Lunch
Making packed lunches for you and your family can be an affordable and healthy change to your morning routine. Buying food for lunch every day or meal deals from nearby shops can be convenient for your day. However, the amount of plastic packaging that this uses every day and the cost of this soon adds up to be extortionate. Creating packed lunches can be fun, adding more variation to your daily routine and giving yourself treats to look forward to each day.
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Cycle to Work
If your company has returned to conducting business in an office or shared workspace, you and your colleagues may all be commuting once again. We saw a dramatic change in the world during the pandemic when we were all staying at home, proving just how much carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are produced every day by commuters. If it is viable and you are a confident cyclist, a change from your car to your bicycle during good weather can be a great change for the environment. Not only will this cut your carbon footprint, but can also help you to stay healthy and improve your mental health with exercise.
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