Creating the Perfect Team Diversity

“The key to creating the perfect team diversity in the workplace is making sure that you consider personality, skills and the working styles of your team. A diverse team can lead to better productivity and help your business to grow.
One common misconception when it comes to putting a team together is that like-minded people will work best together. However, this is not always the case, as a team of people with similar attributes can often want to work on the same aspects of a task and end up getting in each other’s way. It is better to have a diverse team as they can often provide different perspectives and approaches to each task, which can eventually lead to your team working more efficiently and finding the best solution. If you are unsure about how you can go about creating the perfect team diversity, we have put together a guide to help you.
Working Styles
One of the most important aspects of putting together a diverse workforce is making sure that you have a team of employees that have different working styles. Having staff with complementary work styles can help your team get a diverse view of the task at hand. There are several articles that suggest there are 4 main working styles, which include;

Leading: these are often people who take the lead in a project and are typically the more senior members of the team and are good at setting out the tasks needed for the project as well as who should complete them.
Loving: team members with this trait are often concerned with the project and the wellbeing of other team members. They work hard to build relationships and generally have a good grasp of the project status.
Doing: these team members are the ones who take the greatest pleasure in carrying out tasks and getting the job done. They are usually focused on the task at hand but can often forget to communicate on progress.
Learning: this working style involves people who research a problem and are constantly looking to adapt and learn about the best way to approach tasks. They are usually disciplined and think strategically about tasks.

Closely linked to people’s different working styles, you should also consider each team members personality when you are looking to put a diverse team together. It can end up leading to tension between team members and unhealthy competition if you have too many people with similar personalities. A diverse team often functions much better if you have members who naturally take the lead as well as people who are more reserved and focused on the task at hand. Ensuring a better mix of team members can mean a much more productive workforce and help to grow your business.
The last thing you should always consider when putting together a diverse team is considering the different kinds of skills and experience that each member of the team brings to the table. It is important that you have people who can approach tasks differently and have the skills required to help you reach your goals. You may need people with certain qualifications or specialists in a certain filed to join your team. Having one person dedicated to a certain field means you have a number of experts and specialists that can help advise and guide your projects. It is also important to have junior members in a team as they can learn from your more experienced members and apply this directly to your business.
Ultimately, putting together a diverse team is about making sure you have enough balance in order to successfully complete tasks and projects in the workplace. You should make sure that you carefully consider all these aspects when taking on new members of staff, as it is important how they fit into the rest of your team.”