Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 – Orangebox Innovations

“This week marks the start of the 10th year of Clerkenwell Design Week. CDW is the leading independent design festival in the UK, boasting hundreds of exhibiting brands and thousands of attendees eager to learn about the latest in furniture design. With cutting-edge designers exhibiting throughout the week, the future of home and office furniture alike can be glimpsed at the event.
Combining beauty, innovation and function, all of the exhibitors at the event are worth visiting for anyone who has an interest in office design. Some our suppliers, like Humanscale and Orangebox, will be exhibiting at the event.
Orangebox to Refocus the Smartworking workplace for 2020
This year, market leading office furniture designers Orangebox have announced that they will be unveiling an updated Smartworking landscape at Clerkenwell Design week. This has been designed to meet the challenges of the modern workplace, moving into the future.
In a recent blog post, Oragebox have stated that “The 2020+ workplace will need to be fluid and in function and intuitive to navigate: supportive of wellbeing and productivity, focused individual work and collaborative teamwork. And do all of this within a smaller footprint.”
As a result, Oragebox will be unveiling the exciting new line of products at Clerkenwell Design Week as well as hosting a number of talks throughout the week, sharing their latest research and some fascinating insights. Jim Taylour, Head of Design & Wellbeing for Orangebox, will be giving a talk on The Magical Wellness Mystery Tour, which is an interactive session exploring some of the most important developments in the office over the years.
Nathan Hurley, a member of Oragebox’s research and insight team will be hosting the talk, SmartLearning: How iGen’s educational experience will impact the new workplace. This talk will examine the evolving landscape of higher education and how emerging students will affect the workplace when they enter the workforce.
The future of the workplace
These are all very important factors to consider. The development of insight and products that will meet the evolving landscape of the workplace will be vital in ensuring that employees have a positive environment in which to carry out their role in a satisfactory way – both for their bodies and minds.
Businesses should always be looking for ways to improve company morale and wellbeing, as well as productivity. By prioritising office design and furniture, employers can make huge strides in keeping their workforce healthy, comfortable, engaged and productive.
If you need help bringing your office into the future, contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you.