Breakfast on the Go: Ideas for Commuters

Everyone has done it – we are all guilty of having walked (hurriedly) out of the house ten minutes behind schedule and missing breakfast. Some mornings, everything goes wrong or you just can’t stop hitting snooze, and now you’ve got to buy an egg muffin with your coffee order, or you skip breakfast completely. An hour later, you regret everything, feeling your blood sugar dropping, leaving you irritable and unable to focus. Maybe you grabbed something sugary to provide the energy, and then you feel guilt over the calories.
It’s a struggle to get out of the house and think about a healthy breakfast at the same time, so here are some healthy options that are incredibly quick to make, and you can eat on your commute.
Toast and Fruit
The easiest option, which you may already do, is to make a slice of toast and eat that on your way out the door. Why not upgrade by trying these twists:
–        Super Seed – spread a seed or nut butter on the toast, add sliced banana, then sprinkle chia seeds or other nuts on top.
–        Avocado Toast – Spread with cream cheese, add sliced avocado, drizzle with olive oil and salt.
While you’re making your coffee, put the blender on, then waltz out the house with an easy carry drink for breakfast! If you know that you also need an energy boost in the afternoon, freeze a spare drink overnight, let it thaw through the day and drink later on. Choose your favourite:
–        Ice cream – Add yogurt and some ice cubes – it’ll taste like a milkshake.
–        Mango Mischief – Mix orange juice, coconut yogurt, mango (frozen or fresh). Add some carrot for sweetness if you feel up to it.
–        Strawberry Delight – Strawberries, milk, frozen peaches. Add other berries for a bigger flavour.
–        Health Kick – Almond milk, yogurt, banana, spinach, kale, honey. Add other greens if you want.
–        Peach Sunset – Mix raspberries, almond milk, vanilla, lemon and pour into your glass. Mix peach and orange juice, then pour over the previous mix for a gorgeous effect!
Breakfast Assemble
If you have a brief moment and you’re willing to throw something together before leavin for the day, try some of these recipes.
–        Parfait – Yogurt, fruit, and granola. Choose your preference of each, assemble in a Tupperware and eat it when you can.
–        Overnight Oats – Soak oats in milk in the fridge overnight. Mix with honey, nuts, seeds and your preferred fruit in the morning.
–        Chia Bowl – Soak chia seeds and oats overnight in milk ( you can also use almond or coconut milk). You can mix it with cocoa powder, honey, peanut butter, fruits, nuts, or jam depending on what you like best.
Every morning is the same routine, so you can try and get ahead of it by preparing your breakfast the night before.
–        Egg Muffins – Whisk eggs and some milk, then stir in veggies of your choice (we recommend spinach, tomatoes and onions). Put in muffin tins then cook for 20 minutes at 180C. Let it cool overnight, then eat with cheese or sour cream.
–        Oat Muffins – Mix a banana with an egg, some milk and yogurt. Stir in rolled oats and spices. Bake for 30 minutes 180C. Feel free to add fruit, chocolate or nuts to the mix before cooking.
–        Granola Bars – Mix oats, sugar, flour and spices before adding honey, an egg, oil and vanilla extract. Mix well, then flatten on a greased pan. Bake for 30 minutes at 180C. Cut into bars while warm.”