Best Sitting Position: How to Improve Posture

“The best sitting position is with a straight back and your shoulders to the back of the chair. Training your body to sit with good posture can have a positive effect on your health and help you to avoid any back pain.
Sitting incorrectly can lead to bad posture so it is important that you know the best sitting position, especially if you are working a desk job. Many office workers suffer problems with a bad back that comes from spending long periods of time sitting at a desk. Good posture comes from training your body to sit in a position where you are putting the least strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments that are weight bearing. This usually means your back and spine that can often be supporting your body when not sitting correctly. We have put together a guide to the best sitting position and how you can improve your posture.
How Can I Improve My Posture?
You can improve your posture by following some general advice when sitting, standing or even lying down. Making an impact of your posture in other aspects of your life can help to improve your overall posture as you will find yourself getting into good habits. Some top tips when it comes to improving your posture includes;

Make sure that your bones and joints are aligned correctly
Avoid slouching or sitting slumped on a chair, sofa or anywhere else
Bend the knees when picking things up
Try to sleep on your back or in a straight position
Make sure you warm up before and stretch after exercise

What Is the Best Sitting Position?
The best sitting position involves sitting up in your seat and avoiding slouching. But you might already know this which is why we have put together some easy to follow steps that can help force you into good seating habits. You can get good posture by following these steps;

Sit up in your chair with a straight back and your shoulders back
Your buttocks should be touching the back of the chair
Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor
Your 3 back curvatures should be present
Use a rolled up towel or lumbar assist for support
Distribute weight evenly onto your hips

You should also ensure that you take regular breaks from a seated position, you can even set reminders on your computer browser to do so with the Take a Break Reminder chrome extension. You should also make sure that you have correctly adjusted your chair, desk and monitors so that they encourage good posture.
Other Ways to Improve Your Posture
You can also improve your posture by making sure that you have a good seating position in other aspects of your day. For example, if you spend a long time driving to work each day then you should consider what your posture is like in the car. Your posture while driving should mimic that of a normal seated position. However, if you don’t have the correct ergonomic chair, then you could be doing yourself more harm. Take a look at our range of ergonomic office chairs that help to improve posture and promote a healthy seating position.”