Best Executive Office Chairs 2019

“The best executive office chairs of 2019 are stylish but also provide a high level of comfort all day sitting at your desk. A good executive chair should also help to improve posture and prevent back pain or related injuries from long periods sitting at a desk.
Working in an office environment you will more than likely spend long hours at your desk. If you are in an executive position then you might also be heading out to meetings a lot or you might have clients visit you in the office. For this reason, you will also want an executive office chair to make sure that you give the right impression to clients. Having a stylish office chair will also give an authoritative impression to your colleagues and can signal that you are a senior member of staff.
But you shouldn’t just be buying an executive office chair for how it looks, as it is also important that you get a high-quality chair that is going to last. You will want an executive chair that will stand the test of time and will not look worn out in just a few years. That’s why it is important that you choose the right chair so you won’t have to fork out again in the near future. We have put together a guide to some of the best executive office chairs available.
Vitra Eames High Back Executive Chair£3290 – 30 Year Guarantee!
This is without a doubt one of the best executive chairs available anywhere and features the classic design of the esteemed Charles & Ray Eames. This authentic chair comes from the iconic designs of the husband and wife duo and incorporates stitched leather upholstery that provides for a softer and more comfortable seat. It also comes in a range of leather finishes and colours to perfectly suit your office space.
Sedus Open Up Modern Classic£2572 – New Design!
If you are looking for an executive chair to fit your office space, then this Sedus Open Up Modern Classic is a great choice. This stylish chair combines the best of both modern and classic design in order to provide the perfect executive chair. The soft aniline leather makes the chair great to sit in and also provides a great look to the chair. Each of these chairs is made by hand and is signed by the Sedus employee who made it. The company have been producing high-quality furniture for more than 140 years in Germany so you can expect a quality executive chair that will last.
Interstuhl Silver 362S High Back Executive Chair£2994 – As Seen on BBC One Apprentice!
If you are looking for an executive chair that will really make an impression then this Interstuhl is perfect to impress clients and colleagues. You will no doubt have seen the chair before as it is the same chair used by Lord Sugar on the BBC One show The Apprentice. Also used in several film productions such as Quantum of Solace, this chair is a popular choice due to its stylish design and high-quality finish. This fine leather chair is available in a range of upholstery options and provides great comfort. This hand made chair is perfect if you are looking for comfort and style.
Humanscale Freedom Chair with Saddle Stool£1364 – Great Price!
As the cheapest chair in our range, it certainly isn’t lacking in design or comfort. Humanscale are a leading design company that provides a wide range of ergonomic furniture. Their award-winning office furniture is designed with the aim of improving comfort and health in the workplace. This stylish chair is available in a range of different finishes and even comes with a matching saddle stool too. The manufacturer provides a 15-year warranty too so you can be sure the chair will last you for many years to come.”