10 Halloween Office Ideas

“Halloween is a time of spooktacular fun, so what ways are you going to spruce up your office and bring in some relaxation for your colleagues or employees?
#1 Cubicle Decorations
Halloween is about the decorations, cobwebs, spiders, bats, caution tape and more. But it’s a lot of work for one person to do across the entire office, so hold a competition before lunch instead! Have each person decorate their own area, and then vote for the winner. Have teams from each department to decorate their shared area or office locations throughout the building. Offer prizes for the best area, provide plenty of materials, and watch the creativity flow!
#2 Pumpkin Carving Contest
Another competition that you could consider is a pumpkin carving contest. Again, choose between an individual battle or a team activity. Go creative with the faces or even whether or not to have a face! You could start it later on in the day for people to bring their children in for a family activity, and display the faces on the side for an interesting exhibition!
#3 Office Games
Other activities could be apple bobbing (though this should be something that they elect to do), guessing candy pieces in a jar, pin the tail on the donkey, or scavenger hunts! Hint a vampire model somewhere in the office with a reward for finding them!
#4 Costume Contest
Halloween is about the spook but also about the costumes! Break the office dress-code and have people come in with the fancy dress, with prizes for the best costumes! Keep it simple and have a theme for everyone to come in with or let people go wild. Make sure that you have some standards in place so you keep HR happy.
#5 Philanthropic Activities / Volunteering
Consider taking a break from the office, and have people go out to help out the local community. Visit a senior care centre, volunteer at a charity shop, help at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, do a collection drive and donate clothes or food.
#6 Ghost Tours
As an alternative, go out of the office and take a look at the spooky areas in your neighbourhood! Every city will have some ghosts, so go searching at a local castle, hold a quest, or hire magicians to come in to entertain!
#7 Office Activities – Murder Investigation Party
Why not uncover the story of some ghosts with a murder mystery party? Create or find a murder story and solve the mystery, either by competing in different teams or trying to find out who the murderer is amongst you!
#8 Halloween Luncheon
Cider, doughnuts, pumpkin pie, apple tart, spiced latte, there are tons of amazing Halloween treats that your colleagues would love to snack on throughout the day! Bring in general food and try to make them Halloween themed with black paper plates and eerie music, arranged on a table for people. Free food is always a winner, and spooky themed is even better.
#9 Family Event
Some people may have to choose between going home for a celebration or staying at work, so make it easier for them by combining the two! Bring the kids in for the party, or let them take different treats home.
#10 Close Up Early
If possible, let people go home early, especially if the party is at lunchtime – no-one wants to go back to lunch after that. It’ll also allow them to get their kids ready for trick-or-treating, and provides a bigger celebratory air!

Hopefully, at least one of these ideas will have sparked your imagination for the best office time, but make sure you follow some general guidelines.
#1 Don’t force people to join
Perhaps they have a lot of work to do, or they just don’t feel like it, or they don’t enjoy Halloween. Don’t pry for reasons, but allow people to duck out of any events, such as dressing up or apple bobbing. Respect their needs and allow for fun!
#2 Don’t be too strict
Whilst you may have a theme for the office, let some people go out and let some people come in with just a slightly more casual outfit. Allow people to do what they want with their looks, within reason.
#3 Evaluate
Collect ideas at the end of suggestions for next year, things that went well, things that they didn’t really care for. Satisfaction is a great high, and next year will be even better!”