10 Best Office Desk Accessories for 2023

“Let’s face it, your home office could use a little makeover. Without the hustle and bustle of your colleagues at the office, you might be cursing yourself for not grabbing that little house plant on your last in-office day. A positive and mindful attitude to home-working, particularly during these dark and dreary months, is essential, but there’s also something to be said for your working environment.
Practical or not, little symbols of calm or ergonomic elements dotted around you can make a big difference in lifting your spirits. And when spirits are high, so is work ethic! Here is our list of some of the best home office accessories – grab them in time for 2023.

1. Desk lamp
Okay, I know what you’re thinking – what’s so exciting about a desk lamp? New lighting options for your home office desk should not be underestimated. With a little more light in the right places, your entire office can completely change, and we all know that lamps are far better than ceiling lights! Our range of desk lighting has an adjustable or fashionable lamp option for you.

Photo: Humanscale FR 500 Rocking Foot Rest in Cherry
2. Foot Rest
2023 is the year for ergonomic changes. Want to feel supported at your desk but feel that your office chair is doing all that it can? A Rocking Foot Rest from Humanscale could be the answer. Rocking footrests like these promote movement in your legs and feet, while also allowing constant adjustment into the most comfortable position for the user. A fidgeter’s dream!
3. House Plants
Something green in your working environment might not seem essential but it can go a long way to curating a more positive headspace at your desk in 2023. With some low-effort houseplants around you, you can liven your space and provide a small escape whenever you need it. Pruning, watering or repotting your plants can act as a small moment of self-care in your busy work day.

Photo: CBS Flo Monitor Arm in white
4. Monitor Arm
All workers, whether in the office or at home, can benefit from using a monitor arm. These clever contraptions make it simple to position your monitor in the most ergonomic position, both in distance away from your eyes and height compared to your posture. Eye problems will soon be gone as your retinas are no longer straining to read your screens. Browse our selection from professional bands like Humanscale and CBS.
5. Desk Vacuum
It might be that you’re a bit of a workaholic and eat your lunch at your desk – or perhaps snacks keep you going throughout the day. Either way, crumbs can build up and create a messy working environment if we don’t keep on top of it. With a handy desk vacuum, like this Henry Desk Vacuum, you can deal with mess quickly and immediately, preventing crumb build-up.

Photo: Vitra O-Tidy Desk Organiser in white and blue.
6. Pen Holder
Looking for something a little more subtle? For the stationary lovers among you, a stylish pen holder or desk organiser can go a long way to declutter your working area.
7. Office Clock
Turn even the most mundane moments of your day into something a little exciting with a brand-new clock! Counting the minutes has never felt so good than on a designer office timepiece, whether mounted on your wall or perched on your desk. From leading office brands like Vitra, we stock a wide range of clocks for every home office aesthetic.

8. Laptop Stand
Keeping your laptop level with your eye line is vital for an ergonomic working position, whether you sit or stand at your desk. Find the right option for the size of your laptop and set yourself up for the best posture possible! Browse our laptop holders today.
9. Keyboard Tray
Is space at a premium in your home or work office? For a practical solution for extending your workspace, browse our Humanscale keyboard trays today. This extension to your desk can clear a little extra desk space for your plants or stationery while also ensuring you are always sitting at a safe distance from your laptop or monitor.

Photo: Humanscale Neat Charge Wireless Under Desk Charger
10. Wireless Charging Station
If you are always on the go, a wireless charging station might be the key to keeping your batteries alive and kicking all day long. With wireless technology from Aircharge or Humanscale, you can simply set your phone or laptop on a surface and the battery will begin to recharge. Whether these are built into your desk or sit on top, you can avoid tangling wires up on the daily.
On the search for more ways to curate the economic space you’ve always wanted for your home working office desk in 2023? Browse our desk accessories and home-working furniture today.”