Orangebox Kirn All Mesh Office Chair




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About Orangebox Kirn All Mesh Office Chair

The New Orangebox Kirn contemporary office chair was designed by Gerard Taylor. Kirn’s soft-touch suspension mesh has been developed to provide an excellent balance of comfort and support. The open mesh provides enhanced heat dissipation, while the soft-touch fibres deliver subtle, hard-wearing support.

The seat and back frames have been carefully shaped to work with the mesh, providing the widest range of user support, including great upper back support, a well-defined lumbar profile and an effective waterfall on the front of the seat. Controls are coloured to make them easy to identify, and carefully shaped and located so they’re intuitive to operate.

Kirn can be specified with an air-cell lumbar option that delivers 80mm height and 20mm depth adjustment. The fixed-volume air cells uses air displacement to maintain optimum support and constant lumbar contact as the user moves in the chair.