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Senator Haven Meeting Spaces

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About Senator Haven Meeting Spaces

SenatorHaven Pods are an innovative solution to the modern development of more open-plan office spaces. The Senator Group Haven Meeting Spaces provide a location for both focussed work and an environment for sharing ideas. This means that whether you hope to concentrate on individual work or provide a space where people can brainstorm ideas and discuss strategies, Haven Meeting Spaces will ensure that others sharing the workspace are not disturbed.
Haven Meeting Spaces are created by The Senator Group, who create innovative and elegant furniture solutions for your office space. Haven Pods create unique spaces which can be installed within current open office environments delivering solutions for concentration, meeting, sharing. Power and cable management are incorporated into the design of the pod, meaning that they can be installed with ease and in no time at all. The unique geometric shapes reduce noise by around 50% while also ensuring that the Meeting Spaces can fit together, using office space efficiently. 
These Meeting Spaces, or Meeting Pods, are created in a range of heights, meaning that you can find the right acoustic protection and privacy for you and your colleagues. Here at Office Chairs UK, we also stock a variety of Meeting Space sizes. The two-toned design allows for a stylish addition to the office, customisable by colour to best suit the existing space. You can also feel comforted in the fact that the Senator Haven Meeting Space range is created from 99% recycled materials. 
Browse our range and select the right Meeting pod for your office space.