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Acoustic Meeting Pods

About Acoustic Meeting Pods

Sometimes you just need somewhere quiet and private to work on a project, conduct a meeting, or hold a conference call. In the modern world with so many open plan offices, this isn't always possible. The typical answer is to build a meeting room, but that's not the only option! Why build a meeting room? When investing in either a meeting pod or screen system can save as much as 90% of their original cost. 

Our range of acoustic meeting pods are not only private and functional, but made to an exceptional standard and making use of eye-catching modern lines as the foundation of their appealing design. The flexibility, versatility and functionality within our range of Orangebox and Senator acoustic meeting pods will only add to the appeal and productivity of your workplace. Our range of acoustic meeting pods include options can accommodate a single employee, ideal for when intense focus and concentration is required for a work task. You'll also find acoustic meeting mods ideal for more intimate meetings consisting of just two or three people, as well as much larger options that can substitute for a boardroom and larger meetings. 

Our pods come with a number of fantastic options that can include integrated LED lighting and power sockets. Contact our sales team for advice on 01622 715271.