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Home Working, how can Office Chairs help?

With People being asked to work from home , how can Office Chairs UK help both your business and private people? We have plenty of working from home information to help you and your staff. Here, we've pulled together some helpful home working information in the form of an FAQ, so you can see how we can help you and your employees who are working from home. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

Please see some Tips for chair selection, buying information and how we can help.


1. I own a business and want to set my staff up at home? If you're working to set up your employees so that they can effectively work from home, we can help you select a product which will fit your price range and all the ergonomic benefits required. We then arrange a special discount code so staff can procure direct from our website at the agreed pricing (Based on Quantities). We will then ship direct to their home address anywhere on the UK Mainland free of charge. Your employees new home office chair will be fully assembled and ready to use.

We’re pleased to offer special discounts to help any UK businesses whose employees are working from home and need Chairs.

2. Can my employees working from home get help with using the chair?  We can call any staff member that needs help with the user adjustments for their home office chair.

3. What will the lead time be for delivery? We have many options for delivery including home office chairs and furniture for quick delivery from our stock. All options are shown on the product pages in the spec.

4. ARE THERE SPECIFIC FABRICS FOR HOME? There are now a selection of home working fabrics with lots of different colours.

5. I work for a company and they will pay for my chair, can I arrange for an invoice ? Yes, you can put your company as the billing address and the delivery address can be your home.

6. I am a private client and just want one chair for home. Can I buy from Office Chairs UK? Yes, we welcome all clients, no matter how big or small and we can ship the home office chair any where on the UK mainland free of charge.

7. How can I pay? We have many ways to pay - we accept all major Credit and Debit cards, Paypal and BAC's transfer. 

If you have any questions we have not covered please call Tel 0345 600 1917 or us at sales@officechairsuk.co.uk

Tips for buying the right Product

1. THE CHAIR. Finding the perfect task chair is an important first step when creating a healthy comfortable workspace. We suggest that a comfortable ergonomic home office chair can lead to an increase in alertness as well as an increase in blood flow, benefiting a person’s well-being. “A good task chair can provide you with the best possible foundation to create great work,”  

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2. THE DESK. For decades, office furniture was designed to be stationary and people were required to adjust their physical positions around the tools in their workstation. Ergonomists now know that it’s important for people to be able to move freely throughout the day in order to be healthy, comfortable and focused at work. Home office furniture should adjust to the professional using it, not the other way around. Committed to putting people first, a good sit/stand desk should be simple, intuitive and easy to use, so if a person needs to stand or sit while working, the process of raising or lowering the desk is seamless. Humanscale’s Float desk, for example, has an integrated counterbalance mechanism that accommodates varying weight loads. So with the press of a streamlined lever under the work surface, raising or lowering the desk is as quick and easy as sitting or standing and doesn’t interrupt the workflow.

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3. THE LIGHTING. Natural light in the workplace is widely recognised as a positive influence on productivity, creativity, and mood, so investment in a good LED task light will help in your home office.

Advanced Home Office Lighting 

4. THE MONITOR ARM. Though often overlooked, monitor arms promote a clutter-free workspace and support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture, making it a must-have for the ideal desk setup when working from home. Many professionals tend to lean in toward their computer monitor in order to see it better, whereas monitor arms enable them to pull the monitor closer so they can sit in a healthy posture, with their back against the back of the task chair, and still see the work on their screen. Users are encouraged to align the monitor at the correct height for them, which helps to prevent eye and neck strain. Monitor arms are also key for professionals that utilise multiple monitors to manage their work.

Ergonomic Home Office Monitor Arms