Keyboard Trays




Humanscale Keyboard System, For Height Adjustable Desks


£259.20 inc. VAT

Available 25th June 2024

About Keyboard Trays

Our keyboard trays are perfect to make your working space that bit more practical. Space can be at a premium both in the workplace and at home. This means that we will often have to fit into a small space that isn’t always suited to the task. You might not have enough space to work in and you’ll often find yourself sitting too close to the screen. A keyboard tray can help you sit the right distance from the screen and extend your workspace. This is the perfect solution for someone who uses a small workspace on a regular basis.

Here at Office Chairs UK, we look to provide our customers with a range of computer solutions that help to make your life that bit easier. This includes offering a range of furniture that’s designed to offer the right kind of support at a work station, along with a range of accessories that can make your workspace more practical. We provide a number of keyboard trays and keyboard systems to do just that. These systems are easy to attach to your desk space and extend your working space so that you are not sitting too close to the screen. It also means that you have more desk space for writing or carrying out other work related tasks.

We have a range of different keyboard trays that are manufactured by Humanscale to suit your individual needs. Each system is designed to fit the needs of your space issues and extend your working area. Humanscale is a leading designer and manufacturer of office furniture and accessories and is known for their innovative products. Their award-winning solutions include a number of keyboard trays to extend your work station. They have a reputation for delivering high-quality products and solutions that can aid you in the office. If you are interested in the rest of our Humanscale range, then take a look at their products here.

If you’re looking for other office accessories or you are interested in office furniture, then Office Chairs UK have a great range of products for you to take a look at. Whether it is for your home or work office, we have plenty of chairs, desks and even soft seating that is suitable for all spaces. Make sure you take a look at the rest of our range here.