Interstuhl Silver Office Chair Collection

Interstuhl Silver 362S

Made to order

Made to order

interstuhl -151-s-chair

Made to order

About Interstuhl Silver Office Chair Collection

The Interstuhl Silver chair has pure aesthetics combined with sophisticated engineering. The ease of use and seating comfort make the silver chair unique.

Having found its origins in an office environment, the Silver product design has been designed equally for community and privacy. It was our aim to create an object which, in its many guises, can be an integral part of or a perfectly matched addition to any location – and has just as much impact when standing alone. An object whose quality, curves and details will cause areal stir. The Silver family has been enriched with many ideas and thoughts. It is a joy to see how each individual product can change any setting, leaving anew mark every time.

It was our aim to make the technical complexity in Silver chair invisible and reach the poetic plateau of perfection in seating. A chair which is only suitable for use in an office is not enough. Aesthetics without ethics is deception. Architect and Interstuhl Silver Chair  product designer Hadi Teherani .