Humanscale LED Desk Task Lights

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humanscale nova light arctic white

Made to order

Humanscale LED task lights were designed, like all our products, with performance, simplicity and beauty in mind.
A good task light helps to reduce eye strain, improve computer-based reading comfort and reduce energy use and costs.
Because computers, laptops and tablets are backlit, our eyes need as much as 20 times more light when reading paper based documents.
Our task lights offer comfortable lighting for every user, and they’re simple to adjust too.
Humanscale task lights use only LED, which are more cost and energy efficient than comparable incandescent bulbs.
LEDs use as little as 10% of the energy and last up to 60 times longer.
Nova task light offers endless options  in addition to it’s striking, appearance.
When introduced in 2011, Horizon became an instant icon .
Humanscale has improved this classic’s functionality, light quality, and energy efficiency to ensure it remains at the forefront of sustainability and performance.