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Humanscale CPU 600

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Humanscale M8.1 Heavy Duty Monitor Arm, Black with Black Trim

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Available 25th June 2024

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humanscale m10 monitor arm in black

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humanscale nova light arctic white

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Humanscale Gaming products is an award winning collection of ergonomic chairs, sit stand desk and premium accessories.

The Humanscale freedom chair is ideal for gaming where concentration is key, don’t waste time with knobs and levers.

Freedom’s Weight–Compensating Mechanism that automatically adjusts to your body for the perfect recline, regardless of the sitter’s weight.

The Float table is part of Humanscale gaming products desk of choice wether you want to jump, sit or stand float is the best desk to help you play to win.

Never lose sight of your game a gaming monitor arm keeps the screen in focus.

The gaming monitor arms can handle what ever you need, one screen or two even curved gaming monitors are covered.

Put your gaming keyboard on a Humanscale keyboard system allowing the user to sit in a ergonomic position.