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Looking for a stool, here you can find all types of stools. Office chairs UK have a large selection including height adjustable options which offer a great alternative for the casual sit at a computer. Collaboration is something we all do in the office and a stool might be the ideal alternative in this situation. If you work with an iPad or laptop then a stool can also make a welcome change to sitting on a low chair all day. 

The Hotel Bar or the Kitchen at home is also an area for a stool is the ideal choice for either a chat or some food. We have many options from brands like Allermuir , Lyndon and Boss Design wether the style is traditional or contemporary.

The Allermuir Cardita leather bar stool is inspired by beautiful leather seats found in vintage cars.

The Sedus Se Fit height adjustable ergonomic stool versatile standing seat / stool which encourages users to move around and also facilitates agile sitting and leaning. 

Callisto bar stool by Lyndon offers crisp contemporary lines and reassuring comfort, with a respectful hint of 1950's retro cool.

Take a look at our wide range of stools and find some inspiration to liven up either your office, hotel bar or even the kitchen at home.