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About Sedus

Founded in 1871, Sedus Stoll AG is now one of the leading European manufacturers of office furniture. The product range includes seating & furniture, such as swivel and visitor chairs, as well as conference and office furniture – all "Made in Germany". In its 150-year company history, Sedus has been continuously setting new standards, in terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. The brand is synonymous with innovation and technology, quality and aesthetics and it constantly enriches the office world with contemporary concepts and high-quality office furniture.

With creative designers and passionate engineers, Sedus creates office furniture solutions and products for the working world of today and tomorrow. 

High-quality office furniture and chairs from Sedus Stoll are characterised by ergonomic design, great aesthetics and excellent built quality.

Sedus Black Dot Air office chair with its 3D knitted upholstery back, the black dot air features numerous intelligent details for a wonderfully comfortable sitting experience.

Sedus Se Motion office chair with it's perforated backrest not only sets visual accents, but also ensures elasticity and maximum sitting comfort. The same applies for the ideally positioned lumbar curve and the ergonomically designed seat with slim edges – the impressive looking design ensures both a good posture and mobility.

Sedus Of Course Executive Chair – One of the highest end chairs from Sedus, the Of Course chair is one of the most luxurious task chairs you can get. Perfect for management roles the chair is ergonomically designed with a stylish and sophisticated finish.

Make sure you take a look at their full range to find the ideal solution for your office needs. We offer a wide range of their seating for a number of different purposes. From ergonomic task chairs to high end luxury furniture, Sedus can provide something for everyone.