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About Herman Miller Lino Chairs

The Herman Lino Office chair brings scientifically-backed comfort and a wide range of aesthetic options to your workplace or home. The Lino chair features a contoured seat which works hand-in-hand with high-performance Duo Suspension, providing total spinal support. Also included is a brilliant breathable suspension feature, integrating lumbar support and optimum comfort. 

The Herman Miller Lino chair is a result of the combined expertise of London designers, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin. Their mission was to design a high-performance workplace chair, keeping value in mind at every step, without compromising the high quality standards synonymous with Herman Miller. Another must-have for the Herman Miller Lino was a competitive price-tag. The Lino is one of the most affordable Herman Miller office chairs available, making it very a popular option for a variety of workplace settings and budgets. 

The Lino office chair has been designed with a similar approach as all other Herman Miller chairs, utilising the same progressive design and research. The Lino offers any individual using the chair balanced freedom of movement and a dynamic fit for high levels of comfort and functionality. And the end result of Hecht and Colin certainly achieved this result; the Lino received an iF Design Award in the Product Design category. 

The affordability of the Lino range makes it a fantastic option for the home office or even a large office fit-out without having to compromise on comfort or performance. Our selection of Herman Miller Lino chairs includes a range of dynamic, aesthetically appealing and movement-responsive products. Complete the look of your office with a chair that, according to Herman Miller, is at the nexus of comfort and value. 

Herman Miller Lino Office Chair Black Edition Polished Base - This Lino chair comes with high-performance suspension back colour in graphite. The arms of adjustable and the chair includes features such as Posture Fit, which offers additional sacral and lumbar support. Comes with a 12 year warranty. 

Herman Miller Lino Office Chair Aristotle Grey Mineral Base Fully Adjustable Arms - This model of the Herman Miller Lino chair features all the sophistication and style of any Lino, with the added feature of fully adjustable arms to allow specific comfort to any individual user. 

Herman Miller Lino Office Chair Design Your Own - Personalise the Lino office chair to your unique needs, including back and seat colour, adjustable options for the arms, additional lumbar support, tilt mechanism, base finish and castor or wheel type. These options allow you to take the Lino to the next level, adapting to not only the needs of your body, but also your work space in terms of appearance and functionality. 

Do you think the Herman Miller Lino office chair might be the right product for you? If you have any question about the Herman Miller Lino office chair would like advice or assistance for choosing the right Lino for you, please get in touch with an expert member of our team who will be happy to help you find the best product for you.