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Herman Miller Lounge Seating

About Herman Miller Lounge Seating

Herman Miller's innovative seating solutions aren't just for the desk and boardroom. Softer furnishings, like those for lounge and reception areas are also available from Herman Miller, offering the same progressive design and superior quality of the more traditional workplace products. 

Ideal for making a statement in the lounge or reception area of an office, executive offices or boardrooms, the Herman Miller Lounge Seating range leaves nothing to be desired. Discover just a selection of the Herman Miller lounge furniture that we carry. 

Herman Miller Anchor High Back Lounge Chair Swivel Base - Designed by Jim Wright, the Anchor High Back Lounge chair has been inspired by wooden planks often found in traditional boathouses. The characteristic sweeping curves offer optimum comfort and attractive design. Available in a wide variety of shades of 100% Virginia wool and perfect for waiting areas and executive offices. 

Herman Miller Goetz Leather Sofa - Stunning in both quality and design, the Herman Miller Goetz Leather Sofa comes with a 12 year warranty. It is designed with clean and crisp, modern lines, offering the ergonomic support that Herman Miller is known for worldwide. Available in a variety of leather colours to suit any workplace.

Herman Miller Crosshatch Chair Designed by EOOS - A true statement piece, Herman Miller's Crosshatch Chair offers the ultimate in aesthetic appeal and comfort. The chair is made using a unique and eye-catching crosshatch method and is described as being made with poetry in mind. 

Herman Miller Jetty Two Seater Sofa - This beautiful piece of furniture marries understated style and timeless design. Influenced by mid-century style, the Herman Miller Jetty Two Seater Sofa makes a real statement while also fitting into just about any workplace setting. 

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