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About Herman Miller Sayl Chairs

When designing the Sayl chair Herman Miller wanted to create a new chair that was more affordable and more economically friendly but still supplied all the attributes that their most famous chairs provide. To achieve first-class ergonomics, terrific design and ultimate comfort they brought in iconic designer, Yves Béhar. 

Yves wanted to be able to make this chair for Herman Miller by making more for less. His aim was to make a chair that is aesthetically pleasing but also economically friendly. He actually got his idea from the Golden Gate Bridge - Yves wanted to make a chair with an unframed suspension back that would have a suspension tower as support. This then enabled there to be support where support was needed on the chair and no support is given to parts of the chair that was not in use through the flexible elastomer material.

The unframed 3D intelligent back not only lets you stretch whilst supplying the support you need for your everyday work, but this seat can encourage active movement in the workplace. Not only does it allow the freedom of movement you want from an office chair, it also provides support in key areas, making it an incredible office chair when it comes to keeping your posture and seating positions correct.

This chair was engineered and created in a completely unique way. The Eco-Dematerialised design of the chairs means that Yves was able to produce a chair with more support through its high-quality ergonomics whilst reducing the amount of material needed for each chair.  Not only does the material assist with support for your back, but the material used on the back also allows for cooler office seating.

The chair went on to win ‘Best Of Year Product’ award in Seating: Contract/Task category in 2011. It also won the FX International Interior Design Award for Best Workplace Seating. Two awards in one year goes to show how fantastic this affordable chair really is for the office. Don't miss out, check out our range here today! You can see just a few of the products in this range that we stock below: 

Design Your Own Herman Miller Sayl Suspension Back Office Chair - This highly customisable Sayl chair is available in a variety of striking colours, allowing it to suit any work environment. Also choose from arm options, suspension type, base and frame, lumbar support, tilt option and more. 

Herman Miller Sayl Fully Loaded All Black Plastic Base - With this Sayl chair, you won't be compromising on comfort or design. The fully loaded all black version is sleek and modern, perfect for minimalist workplaces all the way through to traditional. Choose from castor types to make sure your new Sayl works on the floor type in your workplace. 

Herman Miller Sayl Black and White Polished Aluminium Base - Chic and modern, this Herman Miller Sayl chair features a black and white seat and is offset by an eye-catching polished aluminium base. The armrests are adjustable and includes all the ergonomic features that the Herman Miller Sayl is known for. 

 If you would like to talk to someone in our specialist team about finding the best Herman Miller Sayl Chairs for you, please contact us or call 0345 600 1917