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About Herman Miller Desks and Tables

Offering the same unparalleled combination of beauty and innovative functionality as Herman Miller's range of ergonomic office chairs are their range of desks and tables. From height adjustable desks to sit/stand options, Herman Miller's desks and tables are a must-have for the modern workplace. 

For years, health experts have been educating the workplace on the benefits of ergonomic furniture that can help counteract the damage that long term sitting can cause. Herman Miller's desks and tables have been designed with this and mind, offering users customisation options for how they want to work. Most workers spend between 3-8 hours each day in a seated position, and many studies have linked this lifestyle to a higher risk of serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease. Browse some of our most popular products in the Herman Miller Desk and Table Range:

Herman Miller Atlas Sit-Stand Desk - The Herman Miller Atlas is a desk that allows users to switch between a sitting and standing position throughout the day to suit their needs. This is a fantastic way to invest in health in the workplace. 

Herman Miller Ratio Electric Height Adjustable Desk - With clean lines and uncluttered, lightweight design, and an electric height adjustment, the Ratio is a fantastic option for any workplace. 

Herman Miller Abak Environments Desk - With a minimal profile and modern appearance, the Abak desk from Herman Miller as an excellent addition to any workplace, offering an excess of stylish appeal and functionality at the same time.

For any assistance in choosing a Herman Miller desk or table, please contact our team who will be happy to assist you or answer any questions.