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About Herman Miller Caper Chairs

The Caper range includes a huge variety of great lightweight chairs from Herman Miller. The Caper family includes stacker chairs, conference room chairs, swivel chairs and more. All are available in an array of vibrant and modern colours, enabling the Caper chair range to suit any room in the workplace, whether it's a waiting room, reception, conference room or office. 

Caper chairs are designed to be lightweight and slimline but without compromising on quality, comfort or style. All Herman Miller Caper chairs come with a 12 year warranty. We stock a wonderful selection of Herman Miller Caper chairs, so discover a few of the top products in our Caper range below:

Herman Miller Caper Conference Chair Design Your Own - The Herman Miller Caper Conference chair has been specially designed for use in the office, home or any work environment. This chair is fresh and eye-catching, available in an eclectic array of colours. The Design Your Own Caper comes with options for picking the arm style you'd prefer, as well as the seat, castors/gliders

Herman Miller Caper Multipurpose Swivel Chair - The Caper Swivel chair is a fantastic option for comfortable and mobile seating at an affordable price. Stylish and versatile, you can choose from a wide range of colours, including vibrant colours for a pop of personality or sophisticated neutrals. 

Herman Miller Caper Stacker Chair with Silver Frame - Perfect for multipurpose rooms and meeting spaces, the Caper Stacker chairs come in a variety of styles and with plenty of colour options to suit whatever space they need to. This sleek option comes without arms for easy storage. 

Herman Miller Caper Stacker Chair with Arms - With the same comfort levels and stackable design, this range of Caper Stacker chairs come with arms to allow for a little more comfort and functionality. Again, they are available in many different colours.