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Aircharge Wireless Charging

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About Aircharge Wireless Charging

Running low on battery again? Fed up of fiddling with multiple cables, adaptors and battery packs to keep your mobile device alive throughout the day? Aircharge Wireless Chargers provides the latest wireless charging solutions for public venues, the office and home to power up your mobile device through your daily routine.

Wireless charging is very practical and allows you to simply set your device down on a specialist wireless charging paid or station. Most of the latest models of smartphones from Android and Apple are wireless charging compatiable, though not all phone cases allow for the technology to work. Check the details of your smartphone case, as you may need to remove it when wanting to take advantage of wireless charging pads. Otherwise, you can purchase a new phone case that allows for the technology to work properly. 

Wireless charging pads are a fantastic solution for the workplace as they keep your workstation tidy and organised without extra wiress and cables connecting to the phone. Office wireless chargers couldn’t be easier to set up (simply connect them to a power source!) and set your phone down for instant charging without the inconvenience of being tethered to an unnecessary cable.

Our range of Aircharge Wireless Charging stations are available in a number of finishes and colours, all perfect for the home or the office. Aircharge is a trusted brand that you can rely on to provide your device with a full charge quickly.