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About Xpress Delivery Accessories for Homeworking

With the fairly recent development of working from home, you may find that your home office is woefully unprepared for full-time working from home. Without the comfort and ergonomic qualities of a real working office, your concentration levels and productivity may suffer as a result of poor equipment. Your old monitor might be damaging your eyes, and your lack of laptop stand could be detrimental to your sitting posture. When you’re Working from home there are many ways to make it more comfortable, ergonomic and healthy. No matter the space at your disposal and your requirements, we are sure to have something to improve your home office with our range of home desk accessories.

We have a large range of quality home desk accessories we can offer on a quick delivery from our stock. This way you can receive and benefit from your purchased ergonomic home desk accessories as soon as possible. Browse our home office accessories today for a great deal and xpress delivery.

We have Monitor arms for all types of monitor from the Humanscale M2.1 and CBS Ollin to ensure that your neck is in a natural position as you sit and work at your home desk. For the darker months,  we also stock a range of task lights from Humanscale including the new Nova LED light, Infinity LED light, and the CBS Lolly. These home desk accessories will minimise strain on your eyes and maximise productivity deep into Winter. Our range of dynamic footrests, from top brands like Humanscale, is designed to maximise comfort at your home desk while promoting an active workspace and promoting an ergonomic leg position.