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About Monitor Arms

Monitor arms and with the addition of other computer accessories can make your workspace more practical and your working life easier. Monitor arms are an essential accessory if you work at  the computer all day enabling you adjust the height and depth of the screen effortlessly. With the modern workplace changing and the need to adapt using either a monitor arm or keyboard tray, we can gain extra space at our desk. We have a range of monitor arms for all types of computer screens and weights as well as keyboard trays.

All our Monitor arms are easy to attach to your desk and come with a clamp fixing (other fixings are available) that you can simply attach to the edge of your desk. This then gives you the ability to extend your monitor arm in a number of positions on the desk. The Humanscale M connect2 will enable you to also add all of your USB's.

We also offer monitor arms that are perfect for holding two monitors. These multi-screen monitor arms are ideal if you are often multi-tasking and working off more than one screen at once. They offer increased flexibility at your workstation so that the screens can easily be adjusted to the right height. There are monitor arms that are both fixed in position and flexible so they can be adjusted to the right position. We also have monitor arms that are fixed together but can be moved position. Fixed monitor stands are ideal if you want to rest your keyboard somewhere too. They give you a great choice in height and still provide a flexible working station.

The modern workplace is constantly changing and we can sometimes find it difficult to adapt to that. One thing that has become more popular in the modern workplace is hot-desking or flexible working hours. This can often mean that people share a desk space with someone else, which can be frustrating. The right posture when seated can be important to your health and help you avoid getting back pain later in life. But in order to have the right posture at work, there is a recommended height for things like the monitor screen and your keyboard. If you share a desk with someone else that happens to be taller than you, the screen may be in the wrong place and you have to constantly adjust it. A monitor arm will allow you to easily adjust the screen height whenever you need to.

If you’re looking for monitor arms or other computer accessories, then make sure you take a look at our range. We have a number of products in stock from top manufacturers such as Humanscale,  Colebrook Bosson Saunders . Office Chairs UK also aim to provide a comprehensive range of products that can make your office life easier. For furniture, soft seating or other accessories, make sure you take a look at our range online here.