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Working From Home Cartoons

Being stuck at home can start to grow old pretty fast, especially if you’re doing it for months on end. Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has been tricky to adjust to for everyone, and many are finding that working life and home life boundaries are blurring into one. It’s hard to ignore the humour in the situation that is working from home, though. We’ve all been doing it long enough now that we can see how funny it is to compare work from home life to office life. So, we thought we’d focus on the good and the humour and created some relatable work from home cartoons for you to enjoy.

It can be hard to establish a clear work/life balance, especially with all the perks of the working from home lifestyle. Whether you enjoy working on the comfy sofa, the endless snacking opportunities, or the extra hour in bed, we guarantee you will relate to our series of working from home cartoons. Take a short break from your work and take a look at our cartoons for some laughs!

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