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Why you should have a great office reception

Office ReceptionHaving an office reception is essential for all businesses, because this is where potential clients and guests will form their first impressions. A friendly, welcoming and professional reception can ensure that you are giving the right impression of your business from the moment anyone walks through the door. What's more, an organised reception can actually make life easier for you as a business, especially when it comes to coordinating and preparing for meetings. An inviting space can also do wonders for improving the general morale and productivity of your staff. These are just a few of the great benefits of having a welcoming reception, and here's how to make sure your reception area makes the right impact.

Make sure the space is clean and tidy

As it is the first part of your office that clients see, your reception needs to reflect your high standards and sense of professionalism. The first step to making sure your reception makes a positive impact is to ensure that the space is clean and tidy. A messy, cluttered or disorganised reception will make the company appear unprofessional. Having a tidy and well-furnished reception creates a professional image and shows your company in the right light. If your reception is presented well, clients will feel positive about your business before they've even reached the offices. 

Make sure the reception is comfortable

It’s important that you make sure the reception is comfortable for both your staff and clients. This means that choosing the right style of seating is essential for creating a good impression. When considering the kind of seating you want for your waiting area, we suggest emphasising comfort with soft seating. The Boss Design Layla Sofa creates the perfect professional image and is more than comfortable. You should also consider the kind of chair that your receptionist will have. A great task chair can provide the right support and comfort for sitting over long periods; the Herman Miller Mirra 2 is a good example of this.

Make the reception welcoming

A welcoming reception depends on being run by the right staff members, as they will often be one of the first people your client meets upon arriving. Make sure all guests are greeted warmly and looked after while they wait. An organised receptionist can also help the productivity of your staff, keeping everyone up to date on scheduled meetings and appointments.

In addition to friendly staff, a welcoming reception can also be created through decoration. It's true that your reception area shouldn't look cluttered or crammed with furniture, but small details can make a big difference on your client's first impressions. You should consider accessories like wall clocks and lighting, which give you the opportunity to inject a bit more personality into the space and showcase who you are as a business. We have a range of stylish wall clocks that can add character to your office reception online here. By following these tips you can make sure your office space makes a positive impact on all guests, clients and staff who enter it.