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Top Tips for Focusing in the Workplace

We work in a world filled with instant access to information, chatty coworkers and constant distractions, so it's no wonder that so many of us often struggle to complete a solid eight hours of work. Staying focused takes hard work and dedication, but with our tips, we guarantee you’ll get focused in no time at all. So whether you're currently struggle to stay focussed while working from home or want tips to carry into the workplace, read on.

  1. Set your goals

When it comes to working effectively, make sure you are clear with your priorities. Make a list each day of what you need to work on first, and work to a schedule. Creating a schedule for your working day is a great way to ensure all work is completed. If you struggle with time, perhaps consider putting an estimate next to each task for how long you wish to spend working on them. This is a good way to ensure progression, and will prevent you spending too long on tasks which shouldnt take as much time. A nice way to work is to tell yourself to complete certain tasks by a certain time, for example, wishing to complete your first project by the afternoon. Setting clear goals is a brilliant way of avoiding distraction and remaining focused on your work.

  1. Switch off distractions

You may hate to hear it, but our mobile phones can often be the greatest distraction to us, especially whilst trying to work. Simply switch off the world around you by putting your phone on airplane mode, even just for a couple of hours at a time. If you are in an office and are often distracted by your coworkers, consider booking a conference room or another quiet place to work. If you don't have another room available to you, it may be worth purchasing a pair of noise cancelling headphones. These will essentially mute the outside world, enabling you to work in silence or to music that helps you concentrate. 

  1. Regular breaks

Creating a work life balance is essential in any workplace. Whether you're working from home or in an office, breaks are crucial when working for long durations. Reward yourself after ticking off a certain number of tasks by going on a walk, checking on your phone or making a fresh cup of tea or coffee. Using your distractions as a reward is a perfect way to boost focus, as you are working towards something you want. 

  1. Get organised

Getting organised isn't just making a schedule and sticking to it. Organisation is also key in terms of your workplace itself. Having a clean, clear workstation is essential in promoting focus. Having too many things within arms’ reach can prove to be a major distraction, so allocate some time in your day to clear your space. Only have things that are essential to your work, such as stationary and files. Neatly pile these on your desk, to allow you enough room to work properly. Allocate an area for food and drinks and any other personal items you wish to keep on your desk. Having food and drink on your desk is a great way to prevent distraction, as you won't be constantly getting up and wandering to the kitchen.

  1. Filter your emails

Believe it or not, emails can be pretty distracting. If you get a heavy load of emails, set enough time in your day to organise them. Ensure you have a separate email address for both work and personal messages, and set them both to filter all emails. If you find yourself with some free time, check through your emails and unsubscribe from addresses that you don't need. Delete ones that are irrelevant and keep the important ones. You can also set a designated time to work through your emails so that you aren't constantly being distracted by messages coming in throughout the day. Spend the first few minutes of your day working through emails and responding to anything urgent, then give yourself time before lunch and before the end of the day to stay on top of emails. This will allow you to focus on your projects and more pressing tasks without being bombarded by emails all day.