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Tips for Staying Productive in the Summer Months

When the days are longer and the weather outside is invitingly warm, it’s hard to know how to be productive. Particularly after the difficult periods of lockdown and uncertainty that we have all experienced over the past couple of years, productivity can feel a million miles away. However, the world does not stop for 3 months every year. We have to persevere and get things done. You can boost your motivation and satisfaction with a few changes in routine and attitude. Here are some productive things to do in summer to boost motivation and prevent stress.

Set goals and objectives

When you are working on long projects that seem never-ending, it’s difficult to track or notice any progress. Setting objectives or simply having a daily checklist can give you back a small sense of accomplishment with every goal.

They don’t have to be big steps, and you can even tick off tiny jobs like answering that email you’ve been avoiding. Feeling that little boost of achievement can provide a little more motivation to keep going and remind yourself that you are making progress every day. Writing a list of a variety of jobs that need doing can help to avoid burnout as you can diversify your working day. This is a great way to list out even your long term goals, whether in a personal or professional sense and break them down into productive daily steps. 

Your environment

Whether you’re still working from home or going into your office, your environment can make or break your mindset. Sitting in a grey block with the same old water bottle can be detrimental to your headspace and therefore to the quality of work you produce. Why not add a new plant, a summery drink or another new element to your work desk. This can serve as a reminder that it is summer, despite you still having work to do. For more tips on small ways to enjoy the summer while still working, check out our blog.


Our brains can crave a break in routine. Mixing up your daily routine and giving yourself a change of scenery can make you feel more relaxed and prevent burnout from stress. Changing up your office space, taking a different route to work or working in a different location can all supply this change of scenery on a small scale. Our office furniture and accessories are perfect for adding something new to your work environment. If you are experiencing boredom with your routine, this can play into lack of motivation and productivity, so it’s vital that you are diversifying your days.

Avoid overload

For some people, it can feel easy to bury yourself in work to stay busy with productive things to do. When asking how to be productive, taking on as much work as possible is never the answer. Despite the emphasis placed on remaining productive, it’s equally, if not more, important to look after your mental wellbeing. 

Knowing your limits and saying no when things become too much are both vital when it comes to working, especially in summer when many people are going on holiday and you might be asked to pick up the slack. Focussing on one thing at a time will ensure the quality of your work and your motivation to work do not suffer. It may feel difficult to say no, but the benefits in the long run for you and your work shouldn’t be sacrificed for the present.

Find time to recharge

When working 8 hours a day it can be easy to forget about the other 16 hours. Relaxation and recharging take different forms for everyone. Whatever you enjoy doing in your evenings and on weekends, make time for it. Finish on time where you can: Working an hour after you’re due to stop can be easy when working from home, so make sure it doesn’t become a habit. It can become second nature to spend every evening lounging on the sofa, and if this is providing adequate rest for your body and brain that is perfect. But making plans and having something to look forward to can make working all day feel that little bit more worth it. 

If you can, take some time off. Annual leave can provide a deeper level of relaxation. Read our blog about the importance of taking annual leave.