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Sustainable Office Furniture for the Green Consumer

green officeAre you looking to reinvent your office into an eco-friendly, sustainable environment? We have some great recommendations for the best office furniture for the green consumer, including chairs, tables and sofas to create a comfortable yet sustainable space.  


Pentatonic is a Berlin and London based company, making their products from 100% recycled materials such as old chairs and bottles. Absolutely nothing is discarded throughout the process of making their furniture, so the products are great for the environment! Pentatonic can even turn cracked smartphone screens into high-end glassware. Some of their products include chairs and tables which can look great in any office space. The company has even worked with major corporations such as Starbucks, to help reduce their environmental footprint. Using wasted coffee cups and water bottles, some great furniture has been crafted. Check it out on their website at


Humanscale is the largest leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products for the work environment. Humanscale has actually introduced a new office chair which is made using recycled fishing nets, called The Smart Ocean Chair. The Smart Ocean chair is a result of the commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Every Smart Ocean Chair contains almost 1kg of recycled nets from our oceans and is definitely crafted for the green consumer.


Après is a specialist consultancy which has over 20 years’ experience in the office furniture industry. The company are at the forefront of environmental thinking and offer a wide range of environmentally and sustainable office furniture. The company offer a variety of office chairs, including ones that use over 50% of recycled materials during manufacture. Other products such as the Fly Easy Chair are made by stretched fabric, with very little energy used to make the fabric. The chair also meets high demands for sustainable production.

Sustainable Furniture

As the name suggests, this company produces sustainable furniture. They supply high quality, ethically sourced furniture using reclaimed wood. This is an effective method of sustainability, as it allows Sustainable Furniture to recycle previously used wood. If you are looking for a staple piece to make your office pop, we recommend getting some furniture from this company. The raw timber effect makes any office space look good! Wooden bookcases especially look great.

General sustainability in the office

Furniture is the first step to making your office space more environmentally friendly, however, there are also some other things you can do to make the office even more sustainable. Firstly, try cutting down on the paper. Producing 100,000 sheets of paper requires over 8 trees, so try not to print as much! Another good way to improve sustainability is to turn down the heating. A solution to efficient warmth is to get a first-rate radiator, as they offer complete control. It may also be worth considering investing in energy-saving technology to automatically shut down your computers and printers when not in use. This is a great way to save electricity and therefore make your office more sustainable.