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Our Guide To Working From Home with Kids

Many of us are currently faced with the prospect of being quarantined for an unknown number weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic. With no other option than to work from home for many, it can certainly be a challenge, especially if you have children in the house. The disruption of your daily routine can be apparent when working from home with children, as well as having to fit your working schedule around your kids and other caring responsibilities. However, do not fear. We have the ultimate guide to push your productivity and output, whilst still making enough time for your kids.


Working from home with a baby

Remote working is a difficult process to adjust to, and can be an even bigger challenge when you have a young child that requires constant supervision. There are many parents across the world that are making work-and-parent from home possible with babies and children under one. We're here to give a few go-to tips to help make it work.


Maximum naps

Before babies turn one, it's likely they'll still be sleeping more than once a day. When they're asleep, this is your chance to get as much work done as you possibly can. Whether that be twenty minutes or an hour, take advantage of the down time! You can even place the crib next to your desk or work space if you wish to keep an eye on them.



Most of us are already wrapped up in technology when working from home, whether that be through emails, virtual meetings, typing, the list goes on. There are also many technology systems that can help relax your child or even send them to sleep. Many play calming music, which can appeal to both you and the baby. Playing baby-friendly videos is also a good way to calm your baby. Video series such as Baby Einstein on YouTube are a brilliant option for those under one. Another great tip is to use technology to your advantage too. Downloading useful apps such as Google Docs will enable you to work from your phone, which comes in handy when you are in another room with your child.

Mix up the schedule

If you aren't required to stick to a working schedule, consider working different hours to work around yours and your baby's needs. You can start working earlier or later, depending on when your baby requires your attention the least. You can also mix it up by taking regular breaks throughout the day, allowing you extra time to care for your baby. 


Working from home with toddlers and young children

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting most countries, schools and nurseries all over the world are shut to reduce risk to children, teachers and families. Being at home with a tottling toddler can be a huge challenge, as you may feel as though you need to be offering constant supervision and attention. Here are some useful tips to make working from home with toddlers a little easier.

Rotate toys

It is no news that children can grow bored of toys very fast. When toddlers get a new toy, it is really exciting for them to experience something new. One way to keep them happy is to rotate the toys that they play with, changing them around once every couple of days. This will keep the element of fun alive, whilst allowing you to work productively and focus without having to be a source of entertainment.


Be creative

In order to keep toddlers entertained, parents need to be creative. New and creative activities can be very fun and interesting for a toddler’s wandering minds. For example, you can encourage drawing or painting activities to keep your child busy for an hour. Simply buy some child-friendly tools and prep an area in your house, making it pretty much child proof for any mess that will most certainly arise. These activities require minimal supervision and can be the most fun for your child.

Have a routine

It is important to establish a daily routine with your toddler when working from home, so that they know how the day will work. Make your child aware that the morning is breakfast, followed by an hour of play, then a nap, and so on. Your routine can work the way you wish, but ensure that this is clear to your toddler. This way, your toddler may be more likely to take their daily nap, allowing you more quiet time to work productively.


Useful resources

PEEP and The Big Wide World - fun and interactive educational site for three- to five-year-olds. 

Switch Zoo - Educational animal games for children, especially toddlers.

Funology - Fun craft pages