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Office Secret Santa Guide

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas festivities are here your work has decided a last-minute office Secret Santa. But, as the saying goes, keep calm and carry on. In fact, we have everything you need, to save you from the last-minute panic buying.

From gifs ideas for the gadget geek to the designated office DJ, we have the very best Secret Santa ideas for coworkers and colleagues. 

For The Artist

Perfect for the artist in the office, colouring books do more than offer a touch of nostalgia, they also provide some much-needed creative freedom and an escape from adulting. In fact, adult colouring books are known for relieving stress and great for self-care, so shake off the idea that they’re just for kids because let’s face it - who doesn’t love to have a good colour now and then?  


For The Gadget Geek

There’s always that person who has to go out and get all the gadgets the minute they’re released. We won’t mention names, but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. If you’re having your very own technological fault and find yourself unable to think of any ideas, why not pick up a multifunctional charging station? Perfect for charging all your gadgets at the same time meaning you’ll never be stuck having to make the decision of which device you want to prioritise again. 


For The Office DJ 

Got your very own walking jukebox at work? A portable speaker could be the perfect gift for any music lover. Whether they use it to keep motivated at work, listen to a podcast as they cook or just for party vibes at the weekend, it makes the perfect gift. You could even see if they would like to bring it to work. Think about it, goodbye poorly executed acapella covers and hello office sing-alongs. Sounds great, right?


For The ‘I’m So Tired’ One

There is always that one person who, without fail, will complain about how tired they are or how they couldn’t get to sleep. Listening to music meditation apps or a podcast before bed can be a great way for helping to drift off to sleep, but have you ever tried sleeping with headphones in? It’s not the most comfortable no matter how you lay. So why not pick up a musical pillow instead? This pillow has a speaker positioned deep within the material, meaning you can only listen when your head is tightly pressed against the pillow. What’s even better is that it doesn’t disturb anyone else. So whether it’s Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan or Harry Styles say goodbye to sleepless nights. 

After all, we’re sure everyone is a little tired of listening to the complaining, so really this is a gift for everyone. What generous person you are!


For The Germaphobe 

It could be said that this is the most fitting gift for 2020.  Let’s face it - after the year we’ve had aren’t we all a little more aware of germs? This UV smartphone sanitiser and charger is perfect for anyone who wants to take a few extra precautions going forward (and really - who would blame you?).

It uses a UV light to kill 99.9% of any germs and bacteria that finds its way onto your phone. You can even also leave your phone charging whilst it has a deep cleanse - another plus! So forget the anti-bac wipes, this will take care of business for you.


You have the party games sorted - now to plan the party. To help you even further, we have also put together some of the best ideas for Christmas Parties to make sure you still find a way to make 2020 end on a festive note. Merry Christmas!