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Office Christmas Party Games

christmas eventEveryone has worked hard all year long, so now it’s time for some fun with the office Christmas party. These Christmas party games will make sure that your next Christmas party will bring a lot of holiday cheer to everyone at work.

Holiday Charades

This game is a festive twist on a party classic. Divide the guests into teams and write a full set of holiday songs, films and phrases. Fold up the words and phrases and put into a hat or bag. Then, set a timer on a phone and have one person from each team act out the phrase on the card without speaking. The team that guesses first gets a point! Encourage all guests to participate, as the more people involved the better.

Guess the Christmas Song

Test everyone’s Christmas songs knowledge with this fun guess the song challenge! Play the first few seconds of popular Christmas songs and have your guests guess both the name and artist of the song. Be sure to keep a note of the scores so that you can allocate a winner at the end.

Christmas Guess Who

This game is a good way to break the ice at your Christmas party is to play a modern game of guess who – and we’re not talking about the board game! Write holiday-related objects/people on several sticky notes and give one to each person, ensuring that everyone has something different. Everyone must stick their note onto their forehead so that they can’t see what they have. Each person takes turns to ask a yes or no question at an attempt to discover what they have. Whoever guesses their phrase first can win a prize!

Christmas Trivia

Just like a classic game of Trivial Pursuit, this game of Christmas trivia will bring out everyone’s competitive side. Allocate a quiz master to ask Christmas questions with multiple choice answers, with a point being awarded for every correct answer. You can either play this game in a team or individually. Questions can be centred around anything festive, including Christmas songs, traditions and films. 

Secret Santa

Those that wish to participate in the gift exchange will draw names and proceeds to purchase a gift for the person that they got. Remember to do this process a few weeks prior to your Christmas party, so that everyone has enough time to think of and purchase a gift. It is also important to set a spending limit and rules so that the exchange is fair. On the day of your Christmas party, have everyone put the presents in a black sack, then give them out. The secret must be kept until the presents are opened so that it is exciting until the end!

Ugly Christmas Jumper contest

An ugly Christmas jumper contest is an excellent way to have fun at the Christmas party. When sending out the party invitations, tell guests to wear their ugliest Christmas jumper, the uglier the better, allocate a panel of judges or have everyone vote which sweater is the ugliest, with the winner getting a prize.