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Instagrammable Office Design Trends

The office is no longer a space to accommodate the 9-5 working day. What is expected of a workplace has evolved dramatically over the past few years. As a result, the modern office has different demands for it’s design and layout. While the year is still young, it could be the perfect time to create the ideal office design for you, your employees and your colleagues. 

If you’re looking to create an office that Instagram would be proud of, we might be able to help. We’ve put together a list of our favourite office interior design trends for 2022. Browse the list for inspiration and head over to our shop for everything from desks to phonebooths.

Bright Colours

The working office was traditionally filled with greys, whites, and black colours to focus the mind on work. While it might be a good way to minimise distractions in the workplace, all work and no play makes for a miserable workforce. In addition, employees are able to choose more and more whether to commute into the office or to stay within the comforts of their own homes. Pops of colours, whether on floors, walls, or in furniture or accessories, can be an excellent way to make the office more fun. For small office interior design, drawing your eye to one focal point of the office could help to create the illusion of more space.

Biophilic Design

With the stray away from normal 9-5 working, office design should begin to stray with it. One of the biggest trends in 2022 is to break the rows of desks and monotone style. With the amount of time we’ve been forced to spend inside over the past few years, it’s a great time to bring a little bit of the outside in. Incorporating elements like potted plants (even if they’re fake!), natural wood, water features, and stone materials can make a real difference to refresh your office design. 

And looks aren’t everything. Try to bring more fresh air inside the office, where possible, and open up more opportunities for natural light rather than artificial. This biophilic design has been proven to reduce your stress levels, improve employee creativity, and generally have a positive effect on well-being. This is a great office design trend for the work office or even in your home office.

Home Comforts

Another step in competing with home offices is to create a more homely space within the shared working space. This can be created with a variety of types of chairs, tables, and decoration. Again, breaking the fixed repetitive design that we’re used to seeing in traditional offices will create a more interesting and exciting space. Creating a more comfortable space is an excellent way to go for your 2022 office design. And with Office Chairs UK, this can be as affordable as you like. Browse our range of sofas and armchairs to add some comfort to your flexible workspaces.

Flexible Spaces

Another post-pandemic trend hitting workspaces all over the world is flexible or convertible spaces. This can be a great idea for offices where home working is a popular option as the workspace can accommodate as many or as few employees as necessary. This will reduce the impression of an empty or full office. Sofas and more comfortable areas can also become desking spaces or collaborative meeting rooms. 

Think creatively about what your space can become without tying it down to one function. In doing so, you may need to add some sound-proof phone booths or meeting pods for more private conversations and phone calls. Shop all this and more today at Office Chairs UK.