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Ideal Home Show 2019 – Our Highlights

Ideal Home ShowOne of the largest design and inspiration events in the UK recently took place as the 17 days Ideal Home Show took place at Olympia London. Although the exhibition is largely focused on your home, there are plenty of design aspects and elements we can take away when it comes to furniture and the office. We have taken a look at some of the design inspiration from the event and different ways that this could make a difference to furniture both at home and in the office environment.

Room Design Sets

One of the main focuses at this year’s exhibition was looking at six room design sets based on the royal family. The overall theme of the show this year was the Best of British, and it looked to celebrate homegrown talent. Many of the designs featured included stylish contemporary aspects, with bold and deep colours included in the design. Many of the designs also feature open plan living with large flowing rooms. This could be something to replicate in the office if you have clusters of teams separated from each other. It can be a good idea to open up space and make your workforce feel part of the wider team.

ideal home show kitchen

The Evolving Home

A large part of the show every year is the show house that aims to be innovative and forward thinking to provide housing solutions for the future. A large influence on the show home this year is also the open plan living that we saw in the room design sets. These large open plan spaces still allow for different designs that complement each other for a free-flowing feel to space. The Evolving Home is also a modular build using steel frame sections, which can be an easy and cost-effective way of extending your living or working space. If you have space to extend in the office then you could end up saving around £12,000 on a double storey extension and it will be done in just a few days. This can be an ideal solution for a home office or a way to expand your business space.

Evolving Home

Contemporary Themes

One of the most consistent themes that we saw across the show was a large influence from contemporary design and ultra stylish furniture. This is something that was even present in the garden displays, with the GARDENA contemporary garden featuring sleek and stylish designs. Many of the designs also incorporated cutting edge technology that not only sounds and looks cool but can also help save you time by doing a job you would usually have to do yourself. This is something that you should think about in the office and decide whether new hardware or software could actually help to make their job easier.

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