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How To Keep Long-Term Employees Happy at Work

long term employeesFinding new employees can be a long and difficult process, which often requires going through hundreds of applications and countless interviews. Even when you have secrued the ideal candidates, it will take time for new employees to settle in and get up to speed on their new role. This is why it's so important for businesses to keep hold of their long-term employees, as they provide a level of constancy and reliability to a business. Our blog gives you some tips to engage your long-term employees and keep them happy in their role so that they don’t feel tempted to leave.

Listen to your employees

It is important for your employees that they have a voice and feel like they can approach you if they have any issues. An employee’s relationship with their management team is essential to how they feel about their job and role in the company. If your employees don’t feel like they can voice their opinions or come to you with problems, then they may consider moving somewhere else. By making yourself approachable or scheduling a time to talk to your employees individually you can help to make them feel valued.

Encourage growth and accountability

One of the major factors that people cite for leaving a role is that they don’t feel like they are progressing within their current role. If an employee doesn’t feel like their role has changed then they can get bored doing the same work without taking on anything new. You should encourage growth in the workplace and push employees towards developing new skills and taking on new projects. It has also been proven that people who take accountability for their work and set their own goals can be 75% more fulfilled in their role.

Provide the right environment

It is important that you provide your employees with the right kind of working environment and make sure that the office furniture you have is suitable. Although you might be budgeting and feel like furniture can be a huge expense, it can actually play a large role in how happy people feel in their position. If they have an old office chair or are uncomfortable at their desk then they will no doubt be unhappy at work. Make sure that all of your furniture is fit for purpose and also make sure that you have a good staff area for them to relax during breaks.

Team building is important

It might seem like a rather cliché exercise and something that is often talked about and never done, but your workplace culture could be having a big impact. Recent research suggests that people are more likely to consider looking for a new role if they don’t fit in with the workplace culture or other colleagues. A great way that you can build better teamwork between your colleagues is by organising team building events and fun days out. This can involve days out or even simple things such as having pizza or drinks in the office at the end of the month.

These are some of the main reasons that people choose to leave a role, so make sure you are aware of the problems in your workplace and help to prevent them. Although you can’t always prevent people from leaving, as some may have personal reasons for moving on, many of these things can be done to help make sure your long term employees are happy at work.