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How To Feng Shui Your Desk

Many of us have found that working from home has become a more permanent solution than we had first expected. Going into the office is a great way to assign an area where your mind can completely concentrate on work. This can be more difficult when we are working from home more regularly, which is where feng shui comes in.

While feng shui might not be something you normally follow, understanding its main principles can have huge benefits for your work life. According to feng shui, the objects in your house represent areas of your life. Accordingly, your desk is intrinsically linked to your career, which directly affects the rest of your life. In a more literal sense, your environment has a major influence on your life, so take a careful look around and check out some of our tips for how to feng shui your desk.

Starting with the Right Desk

The first simple fact is that you need a desk. No matter the purpose of your office, whether for study, personal goals, or a full-time job, it needs to have a desk. A stable and sturdy desk can represent a stable and constant object, not to mention providing somewhere to be productive that will always be there. If you start looking at your desk as an area that represents your career, you might begin to realise that it’s in need of an upgrade. 

Your working desk should have sufficient space for you and all your essential belongings. According to feng shui, opaque desks are the best choice to be able to metaphorically support the work, projects, and responsibilities that are bound to your office. For the perfect quality office desks and tables for your feng shui office, browse the wide range available on our website today. 

The Layout of a Feng Shui Office

You may already have done this without thinking too much about it, but your desk should sit in what is known as a ‘commanding position’. A commanding position ensures that you have as much power as possible over your career. Feng shui defines this position to be somewhere from which you can see the door to the room while not being directly in line with the door. In a metaphorical sense, from a commanding position, you can see anything that might be coming into your life so you can be better prepared for it. Many people say that if this is not possible, you can use a mirror to see your door from your desk, which also counts as a commanding position.

Woman sitting at a desk surrounded by framed pieces of art.

Supportive Office Desk Chair

Just like your work desk, your office chair is also connected to the representation of your career. The chair you use should be supportive and ideally have a high back. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you will be in day-to-day work tasks. Furthermore, you might also want to choose a chair that incorporates the elements (water, air, fire etc.) that represent the types of energy you want to bring into the workplace. 

Desk Objects

Along with setting yourself up in the right way, it’s also vital for a feng shui desk to have the right inspiring objects surrounding you. You can do your own research into which objects can promote the right energies in your life, however, some should be obvious to even the most sceptical of people. Here are some good examples of feng shui inspired objects to introduce to your workspace.

  • House plant: Energetically, plants can inspire growth in your working life.

  • Desk blotter: A desk blotter of a specific colour associated with different elements, can help to bring different energies into your office.

  • Inspiration: Anything that inspires you should be present in your office. These can be photos, quotes, or symbols for the things that you want out of life.

No Clutter

While surrounding yourself with the right objects is important, it’s equally as important to not fill your space too much. Everything in your feng shui office should have a function, whether practical or spiritual. Clutter can block the ‘flow’ in your office, according to feng shui, so you should regularly be checking to declutter your desk and surrounding surfaces. 

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