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Boss Design's Latest Task Chair Trinetic

image via: Boss Design

Boss Design is renowned for its pioneering advances in design and office furniture but this latest chair is possibly the most innovative yet, the unique task chair, Trinetic. The company was founded in 1983 and has rapidly become one of the UK’s market-leading manufacturers of high-quality office seating. They are known for their intelligent design and have enjoyed global success within the design-led sector. Their latest addition is an innovation in task chairs that is set to revolutionise office seating.

Innovative Design

Boss Design's latest invention, the Trinetic, is a unique task chair that incorporates a brand new type of movement to create a superior user experience. It offers users a more natural experience and provides tangible ergonomic and commercial benefits. The innovative design will be the benchmark that future task chairs aspire to. A unique aspect of the new task chair is that the Trinetic features no manual user adjustment.

Instead, it uses three independent pivot points that combine to create a chair that ‘follows’ rather than resists the user. This innovative design means that you don’t have to spend ages trying to customise the chair to your desired seating position. It also provides a chair that is perfectly suited to the modern working environment and can be shared by different staff members. This can be useful in the modern workplace as it allows people to desk share and still receive the right ergonomic support.

image via: Boss Design

Better Support

The Trinetic has been proven to promote better support than most conventional task chairs for a wide range of body movements. It is also proven to increase the contact with the user’s body through the full length of the seat and back surfaces. Compared to traditional synchronised mechanisms it provides greater comfort and encourages a more dynamic user experience. The chair offers a refined design and aesthetic that’s built around the chairs aluminium cradle. It comes in an array of different styles to perfectly match up with your working environment. Coupled with the ergonomic support for your back it makes the Trinetic by Boss Design a great task chair.  

The latest task chair from Boss Design is available today. Take a look at the Trinetic on our website and think about ordering one if you're looking for a new office chair.