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5 Benefits Of Sit-Stand Desks

If we have learnt anything about how we work in the past few years, it’s that your working environment is incredibly important. Nearby noises, your posture, and even the colours you see can all affect how focused you feel and therefore how productive you are. You might still be working from your dining room table and wondering why you wake up every morning with a sore neck. 

Sitting all the time is associated with many health risks, including weight gain and obesity, so why not explore the option of standing while you work? While it may sound crazy, standing at your desk comes with huge benefits over sitting, which is why sit-stand desks are becoming more and more popular across the country. Let us explore sit-stand desk benefits.

Let us first introduce the sit-stand desk to those who may be unfamiliar. In simple terms, the sit-stand desk allows the user to adjust the desk height to be sitting or standing to use it. These are available in a huge range of styles and colours, as well as electric or manual adjustment options. 

1. Break Up Seated Periods

The beauty of sit-stand desks is in the name; you can sit OR stand. Humans are not built to stay still for prolonged periods, whether this is standing or sitting. During a day where you would normally be sitting for hours at a time, a sit-stand desk allows the user to break up the day by changing the desk’s height. Perhaps you’ll check your emails in a standing position, or switch your position every hour - however you plan to break up your day, this is proven by scientists to be the healthiest way to spend our working days.

2. Burns Calories

Another proven benefit is that a sit-stand desk offers the opportunity to burn more calories than a normal static office desk. Studies have proven that sitting at a desk all day is linked to increases in weight leading to obesity. Standing throughout the day burns slightly more calories than sitting, helping to prevent weight gain while doing very little. 

3. Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that when using a sit-stand desk, levels of focus can be increased. And with increased focus comes, of course, boosted productivity, which is excellent news for managers and employers. It can be quick and easy to bring about an office-wide attitude shift with an investment in the office space itself. With Office Chairs UK, this can be a simple and affordable change, so browse our wide range of products today.

4. Improve Posture

Another perk of sit-stand desks is that they are completely adjustable. You can identify the position in which you work best, ensuring your head, neck, and spine are perfectly aligned to create the perfect posture with your monitor positioned at eye level. For this, you may require a monitor stand, which is also available at excellent prices on our website. Additionally, the desk surface should be positioned in such a way that your wrists rest flat on the desk and your elbows form a 90° angle. 

5. Reduce Back Pain

For many of us, lower back pain has become the norm as we work from 9-5 every day, but this should not be the case. With improved posture and the opportunity to sit or stand whenever it feels comfortable, the chances of back pain are significantly decreased. Standing provides less opportunity to cross our legs into uncomfortable or damaging positions, which we often do whilst fidgeting on our office chairs. 

While a sit-stand desk is not a replacement for daily exercise, it can be a great way to ensure your posture is perfectly aligned while you concentrate day long. Make the switch today and give yourself a little more control over your workspace. Get your sit-stand desk today from Office Chairs UK.