Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Workplace – Digital Style

“It’s always a good idea to show a little appreciation to your employees, especially around Valentine’s Day – and especially at a time like this. Some creative workplaces find fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the team – this might be treating everyone to a nice card or box of chocolates, or some fun games around the theme of love. This is quite easy to coordinate in an office, but this year, with most employees working remotely for the foreseeable, how can employers still show the love this Valentine’s Day? Read on for our list of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace – digital style!

Love Themed Quiz

Zoom or Teams quizzes have become the most reliable lockdown activity, with friends, families and colleagues gathering across the world (or across town!) for some quality time with a good brain teaser. Why not get the team together for a Love Themed Quiz with a prize to offer the winner. You could have a quiz around famous Romantic Comedy films, famous couples throughout history, or any creative angle on the subject of love!

A bit of Champers

Why not treat the team to some exciting post? Many companies offer cocktail making boxes that can be sent to the whole team, so you could get together on Zoom to make a fun Valentine’s Day themed cocktail or even just send everyone a mini bottle of champagne to enjoy together over a lively team catch up, with games or without!

Secret Admirer

This would take a bit more planning and effort, but you could encourage a bit of fun by arranging a secret admirer activity. This is essentially Secret Santa, but with a Valentine’s spin! Organise a draw so that each team member draws another and can arrange for a small, thoughtful gift to be delivered to them for a nice little surprise in the midst of lockdown.

Send Something Sweet

Since you can’t easily leave a little box of chocolates on your employee’s desks at the moment, why not arrange for a sweet treat to be delivered to their home? Just about everyone has some sort of sweet treat they like, and you can add a personalised message to each employee’s gift to thank them for their hard work, especially over such a strange year. Heart eye emojis encouraged!

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

If you feel like your team has done Zoom quizzes to death, you could always organise something a little bit different, but that is still a fun activity to take part in over Zoom. Why not try a scavenger hunt? This has the combined benefit of getting the whole team together for a chat and game, but also requires them to get up and move about and race to find different items. All you need to do is compile a list of items with a Valentine’s theme that team members have to try and find around their home, then race back to the computer to claim first place. Your list could include things like, “something with a heart on it,” “a flower – fresh or silk,” “something made from chocolate,” “a piece of jewelry,” or anything you can think of!