Ways to Boost Employees Happiness

“As an employer, it can be difficult to know how to increase employee happiness in the workplace without relying on monetary increases. Though salary can be a factor in employee satisfaction, this is not the only thing that you can do. Our list of ways to boost employee happiness focuses on employee well-being and giving them more growth opportunities. If you’re looking for advice on how to make employees more productive and happier at work, check out these tips.
If your workplace is still working from home, check out our blog on maintaining wellness while working remotely.

More flexibility at work can improve mental health in the workplace. As remote working starts to give way a little to office working, many people have different preferences on how they want to work. Providing them with a choice or some flexibility of where to work can be a great way to increase their happiness and, in turn, productivity. If this isn’t possible, there are other ways to give them flexibility at work. It could be their work hours, their dress code or even processes in the office. Giving people more choice can dramatically improve their mindsets as they feel more in control of their workday. You should give employees the chance to work however people work best.

Company Culture
Creating a more supportive and positive atmosphere for your employees is a great way to increase all-around employee happiness. This is no simple task, but there are simple steps you can take to start this process. Employees should feel connected, so making time to connect with them on a social basis can make them feel more included and relaxed. Develop communication channels, put focus on mental health in the workplace, and create schemes to get people talking and having fun! Planning days out or even just fun chats or games can help build relationships in the office, and as trust and friendships develop, accountability and responsibility will come much easier.
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Creating Work-Life Balance
While results are important, morale at work is too. As well as a positive atmosphere at work, employees will feel much happier with a healthier balance between work and free time. For this to happen, employers should be encouraging people to finish on time, take allocated holiday and regular breaks from work. This can be developed by allocating workload fairly so that people feel comfortable taking holiday when they need to. Making it clear to employees how much holiday they have left is a great way to ensure it is taken. Remind your employees of the importance of using their annual leave with our blog.

Money is not the only reward that people crave. A simple thank you, whether it is during a 1-to-1 meeting or a whole team meeting or email, can go a long way to making people feel appreciated. Announcing great things people have achieved, both during and outside of work, can give people a real sense of accomplishment and feel appreciated as part of the workforce. Thanking people for hard work is an easy and inexpensive way to praise people for hard work.

Chance for Progression
Employee happiness in the workplace can progress significantly if you provide the framework for them to improve and develop themselves on a personal level. Offering training courses and programmes to expand employee skillset can give them a real sense that they are moving forwards while also up-skilling people to increase the quality of their work. Showing an interest in their work and enquiring about their professional goals and helping them progress towards them will go a long way. Training courses will also be a great incentive for new employees, and connecting with employees more will increase their happiness in the workplace.”