Our Guide to Dutch Design Week 2019

“We have taken a look at all the latest news and updates from Dutch Design Week 2019 as it comes to an end. This is the largest event in design across all of Northern Europe and occurs every year in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is always hosted in October and the event plays host to over 2,600 different designers and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It doesn’t just take place in one central location either as the design event is sprawled across more than 110 locations around the city. We have taken a look at some of the biggest trends and news to give you an update of what went down at this year’s event.
Mission and Vision
Although the event focuses on showcasing Dutch design, they also understand the need for international thinking and acting. In order to bring design-forward, we also need to consider connection and responsibility in the future which is what the event showcases. DDW is an ambitious event that believes in the problem-solving capabilities of design and designers. They believe in offering a platform for designers as well as providing opportunities and developing talent. Every year there is also a theme, with the 2019 theme chosen as “if not now, then when?”, which is used to support the publicity of the event.
Future Living
One of the big talking points at this year’s event was future living and how we can provide design solutions for a better future. With pioneering design and architecture, the future living talk looked at how we can push past traditional boundaries. Many of the talks held this year will also focus on the social needs of people and how design can help this. It is important to think about how a design will affect your office in the future and what you will have to cater for. One thing you should consider is how people will work and whether or not to include a standing desk in the office environment.
Bio Design
This talk at DDW is an event that looks at how biology and technology can work together in future designs. In future, we will look at how we can incorporate nature into our designs but also look at designing new nature. Bio design is a rapidly growing field of design that will start to become commonplace in future office design. It enables living organisms to be a part of the office environment and grow, adapt or repair themselves depending on their surroundings. This also reiterates the importance of having plants in the office and having a biodiverse office space.
Along with the theme, it seems that a lot of the talks are focused on making a change for the future. This involves thinking more carefully about the products we buy too and looking at where these products come from. Brands are making this easier too, including Herman Miller who are making chairs from recycled materials, but you should make sure you do your research.”