Office Renovation Ideas for a Spacious Workplace

“An overcrowded office leads to poorer performance but relocating can be far too much work and far too expensive. Renovating can instead open-up existing space, making it more spacious whilst still accommodating plenty of people. Some of the methods that we talk about here are psychological and simple to address, and others are good hacks for your space, but they can all make a big difference to your office environment.
A bright room is an inviting room, as light adds to the illusion of space and makes a room feel clean and productive. Some ways to make your space look bright include:
–        Light and neutral colours. They reflect a lot of light to increase the brightness, expanding the space whilst also making it look modern and professional.
–        Transparent finishes. Glass and Perspex can be used on doors, tables, light shades, etc, and it again makes the space feel more open, letting in light from other rooms and sources of light.
–        Mirrors. These create an illusion of greater depth in any space while also reflecting light for a brighter atmosphere. Place them opposite windows for the greatest effect, but you can also make the office slightly more reflective with mirrors on doors or as small decorations for a more subtle effect.
–        Large windows. Maximise the amount of natural light in the room with large windows overlooking the outdoors, which also allows your employees to rest their eyes by looking further away and getting a break from the screen.
–        Glass walls. You can also use windows indoors by fashioning walls out of glass partitions. These can be permanent or removable for more flexibility, while also opening up the space further.
–        LED lights. Use these eco-friendly and cost-effective lights over fluorescent bulbs (which are being generally phased out now). They produce less noise and create a clearer, brighter light for your space.
–        Plants. Whilst they don’t directly make the space brighter, adding plants next to walls or in hallways helps with the air quality and makes the space look more welcoming.
If you don’t have a lot of space in the office, you may need to use one area for multiple purposes. Design these areas for the greatest utility, or also use modular spaces to move things around and become more flexible.
–        Lightweight furniture. If you can easily pick up your furniture, you can easily move it, which means that adjustments can be made when they’re needed. Also, if you use raised furniture (which tends to be more lightweight), it increases the amount of visible floor space, which can also create the illusion of space.
–        Modular spaces. Use furniture that can easily be put up and taken down when needed. An example is meeting pods which can be moved around to where they are needed, whilst also providing privacy and space.
–        Multipurpose areas. Create an inspiring space that can be used as a lounge and kitchen space. Use good kitchen furniture to create a space to relax and become energised.
Burnout and boredom can affect both the productiveness of the workers as well as your company. Invest in employee comfort and engagement for better results. Some ideas are:
–        Invest in high-quality ergonomic furniture to reduce pain and increase comfort. Too many sick leave days are taken for problems caused by the workplace that could have been prevented with better ergonomics.
–        Create a small space for a pool table or bring in some card games to increase camaraderie and boost morale.
–        You could also look at adding an isolated space for employees to disconnect and maybe take a nap so they can focus better after their break.
–        Create an active workplace, providing sit-stand desks or other features to encourage employees to take microbreaks and improve their health.”