Office Chairs For Bad Backs

“Every day in the UK, 1% of the entire working population is off sick due to back problems. It used to be that only manual workers would develop injuries at work. However, as more people are spending more time sitting in offices, back injuries are becoming more prevalent.. Poor posture on chairs offering very little support has led to a growing number of back and joint problems. This posture can derive from a number of things, it could be that your chair or monitor is positioned incorrectly, or more simply it could be the common problem of sitting with your back arched forward. The natural curvature of the spine is an ‘S’ shape as it gives greater support. However, poor posture results in the shape of the spine becoming more of a ‘C’ shape which obviously offers less support and will therefore become more susceptible to injury. There are ways to prevent this however, we’ve already created a guide on how you should be sitting, and here are a few of the chairs you should be sitting on:

1. Herman Miller Aeron
The Aeron is an office design icon. But it isn’t just form over function, the Aeron has all the ergonomic support you’d expect from a high end office chair.
2. Orangebox Do
The Do’s tension is set for each user’s bodyweight so the chair requires minimal manual adjustment in order to fully support you. There’s also an optional headrest for even more support.
3. Pledge Profile Posture
This chair is specifically designed to improve posture. Available with a coccyx cut out for those with particularly bad back problems, and a memory foam seat.
4. Humanscale Liberty
The three mesh panel design of the Liberty gives your back full support on the lumbar region without the need for any additional mechanisms.”