How to create a productive office layout

”                  If you’re moving into new office premises or redecorating then you might have considered what is the best way to layout your office. While you have the opportunity it can be good to think about how you might improve your office layout to offer a more productive environment. It can be hard to know what the best kind of office layout is, as there are often arguments for and against different types of layout. It’s also hard to know if it really makes any difference to how productive your employees are, too. But there is evidence to suggest that even something as simple as the colour of the walls can have an impact. We provide you with some tips for creating the perfect office layout and making your team more productive.
Open plan or closed-in
There has long been a debate about the best way for employees to work in the office for the most productivity. Some early studies suggested that employees should work separately from one another and be independent; this saw the arrival of office cubicles. However, a segmented office space can leave people feeling boxed in and can make people restless. An open plan office, on the other hand, can encourage creativity and teamwork between staff. It can see people working together more and can actually leave staff happier. However, in certain environments it can encourage too much conversation and people are not as productive. Although there are pros and cons for both, open-plan offers much more creativity when managed properly.
The right furniture
Something else that can have a significant impact on the happiness of your staff is the right furniture. It is important that you choose the right furniture for your office environment as it can have an effect on how productive your team is. If they are uncomfortable at their desk then they can become restless and look to leave their desk more often than they otherwise would. Making sure that your employees have a comfortable chair at work will mean that they are happier and in turn, will lead to greater productivity. We have a great range of task chairs that are comfortable but also offer the right support.
Decorating the office
Even the way that you decorate the office can have an impact on how productive your employees are. The most logical choice for most companies when it comes to decorating their office is to choose brand colours. But colours can have a different effect on people and evoke certain emotions that can be negative in an office environment. Choosing colours like blue or green can spur creativity in an office and lead to a more productive task force. Plain white walls are often used and although it offers a clean looking environment, it can be dull and uninspiring. Certain colours such as red often evoke strong feelings that can actually have a negative effect on productivity.
Natural Lighting
There is a big argument that natural lighting significantly increases staff happiness and, in turn, can mean a more productive task force. This can be one of the hardest things to change in an office environment if you don’t have much window space. However, one thing that you should consider is the positioning of desks closer to the windows in order to gain more natural light. There are also more natural lighting options that you can choose for the office.  You can choose different light bulbs such as natural glow or full-spectrum bulbs.
Staff Happiness
Besides the cosmetic changes that you should consider making to the office environment, you should also make sure that your staff are happy. It goes without saying that happier staff members are more likely to be productive in their work. There are some small changes you can make that will have an impact, such as accessories. Monitor arms, keyboard trays or footrests can make it more comfortable for your team and also means they can customise their workstation for better accessibility. You should also make sure that your staff have a comfortable breakout area to relax during lunch time or breaks with some soft seating options. “