Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

“At the end of a long day sitting at your work desk, wherever you are, all we want is to walk away feeling satisfied with our work. More often than not, however, we are walking away with acute lower back pain from our office chairs. It might seem a small complaint, but why suffer an ache that could hinder you from enjoying your evenings and weekends when the pain could be eased with the right chair?
The world of back care chairs and lumbar support might seem too daunting to enter. But with the right advice and recommendation, you can say goodbye to lower back pain in your working days. Check out our list of the best office chairs for back pain.
Before we dive into the list of the best chairs on the market, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing an office chair. Everyone is different, and everyone sits differently. There are a handful of things to consider when browsing office chairs, including:

How do you sit in your chair while working?

How often do you sit in your office chair?

Is the chair adjustable to your needs?

What is the chair made out of? Will materials spread support or fixate on one area?

Whether you need a new desk or meeting room chair, it’s important to take things like back pain into consideration to make sure you purchase the right product.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs
When it was first produced, the Herman Miller Aeron office chair revolutionised the world of office chairs. It’s produced thoughtfully with not just health benefits in mind but also using environmentally considerate materials. With additional lumbar support available, the Aeron supplies great support for your lower back as you sit in an upright position at your desk, relieving major lower back pain. For those that prefer to recline in their office chairs, the same level of support is supplied to the more reclined position, offering one of the best back support systems found in an office chair.

Herman Miller Cosm Chairs
As soon as you sit down in the Cosm office chair, it can be easy to forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. In 2019, this model received a Red Dot Best award in the Office Chairs category for Best Product Design for its stylish, elegant and, most importantly, comfortable design. The Cosm will provide total support however you move in your chair and, like the Aeron, provides support even in a more reclined position. With our options to design your own Cosm chair, you can adjust the design to ensure your office chair offers you the best support and matches the decor of your work environment.

Humanscale Freedom Chair
Buyers design the Humanscale Freedom Chair to their exact specifications, meaning that you can select the right armrest and headrest options for you. What’s more, the Freedom chair is a flexible office chair that tailors itself to your body as you recline. Using an internal mechanism, the chair can provide support to all areas of the user’s body in a reclined position. The tension in the chair’s movements is determined by the chair itself as it analyses the user’s weight, meaning no matter your build and size, the Freedom chair will be perfect for you!

Orangebox Flo Occupational Health Chair
For people with back pain or other occupational health problems, the Flo offers a simple and effective solution. A game-changer in ergonomic seating, the Orangebox Flo offers features ensuring fully customisable support, meaning the chair is suitable for a range of people and work settings. Design your own Orangebox Flow to determine the back height, armrests, headrest type and more for your comfort.

Senator Ousby Office Chair
The Senator Ousby Office chair comes equipped with all the features to provide excellent comfort while remaining in the affordable price range. The mesh back is the real star of the show, spreading support across the user’s back while allowing flexibility of their position and allowing ventilation to the back, which can be a lifesaver in busy office environments. Adjustable lumbar support, armrests, seat depth and more, the Ousby also allows customisation of the chair’s style, meaning you won’t have to compromise looks for functionality!
To find more chair options to ease your back problems at work, our great value Back Care Office chairs or highly ergonomic seating options are an excellent place to start.